I've been determined to start painting recently. Many years ago my wife bought a Bob Ross master painting set and an easel. I kept the easel but I sold the paint set in a tag sale. A big big happy accident I know.

I guess at the time I didn't feel like I had enough time to pursue painting properly or perhaps I didn't want to take up the challenge. Vanity? Perfectionist? I really dont know.

What I do know that it's taken me a very long time to realize that it doesn't matter that some people may not appreciate my work.  What matters is that I am happy with the results and I have joy when I'm doing it.

I've always loved art. Perhaps it was my art teacher at elementary school who always treated me kindly and made projects fun. 

It's the only subject in school that clicked with me. As I grew in years the ability to "make a living" became MY top priority.  This was a MISTAKE for me.

Reality check, now that I am older and alittle wiser. We make a living not by doing what we hate to do, but by only doing what we love to do. Being an artist I create and create anything that I desire to.

I identify myself as an artist even though I've never painted until today and have only previously sketched.

But what is art? It's an assembly of mediums and skills layered on top of eachother to create something from nothing. Whether we construct using nails or staples or when we use bricks, mortar or glue to build. Even if we build a house by nailing boards and hanging drywall. We have created something from nothing and that is what artists do.

So we come back to the point of making a living, the reality is many of us are not really loving what we do. This is the lesson that I have learned. Patience, understanding and perseverance is way more important than just doing something for the sake of getting something done. Many people seem to be in such a hurry these days that I wonder if they really like what they do

Doing something you hate doing just to make a living is NOT making a living, it is making a dying.

The secret answer is in enjoying the process.

Do whatever you love to do and do nothing else. What do I love to do? I love creating something out of nothing by being a creator. Like Bob once said, " it's your world you can do anything you want." This is the way I have rediscovered art and I hope you will enjoy everything that you create no matter what you do.

When you work with your hands you can always put "art" into it.