Hello dear Artists,

I wanted to share some thoughts and ask you some questions to start dialogue about clouds in the sky. 

Some time ago I realized that clouds we paint with Bob do not look real. I could not figure out what was wrong... plus my clouds shapes were always like cotton balls...

One day I made myself a task  to look in the sky and check where the differences are.

Eye opening happened to me that lowest clouds are furthest ones... 

And highest clouds are closest...

Now here I got totally puzzled as I could not figure out how to implement this finding into the painting process. 

I also started seeing that further (and lower) the clouds more horizontal the bottom part  and darker it is comparing to the top of the cloud (which sometimes not seen because of amount of the clouds at the horizon).

Still there was no solution how to paint all those discoveries. I was thinking to start from horizon line and go up.  It did not work quite well. 

So, in one  seascape only with help of the instructor I got the idea that if I vary values and do something like zebra near the horizon line. It will bring that required depth. And in one of the other paintings I did the value variations once again and got remarkable sky before the storm. 

However I still do not have it engraved into my skills. 

What do you think where better to start the clouds? On the bottom or on the top? 

What do you do to make your clouds realistic? 

Please share your experience with me! I am looking forward to hear from you.

Happy painting!