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Mystic Mountain

ironsoap 14 Jan 2019
Mystic Mountain

This wasn't the painting I intended to do when I got out the ol' two-inch brush, but I had fun with it anyway. I think my mountains came out less mystic than I intended, which gave the whole scene more of a Grandeur of Summer vibe than it was perhaps supposed to. Still, the mountains came out better (after a couple of tries) than my other recent attempts so I was pretty happy about that. This was also the first one I did with my new official Bob Ross palette and it was so nice to finally have plenty of mixing room and a really smooth surface for scraping with the knife. I kinda like the aesthetic of my old wood palette but yeah acrylic is the way to go.


What do you think is missing that makes your mountains less mystic?

I really like the texture on the trees in the background, they seem pretty mystic to me!

@Felix I think the intention in Ross's original was for the mountains to be further back and more subdued, with the mountains between them and the foothills more pronounced. The more I look at it the more I think the two peaks on the left are closer to what I think I was aiming for, although the two on the right came out better in my opinion.
Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your positivity.

nice mountains

the mountains are majestic

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