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Old Country Mill

flippergirlpaints 29 Dec 2021

This painting became my nemesis! I TRIED to do Bob's weird scrubby thing for the background foliage but...UGH! After try #1 with the background foliage, I wiped off the canvas and started over. Also wiped off try #2. For try #3 I decided to do my OWN foliage technique and it worked well, so I continued on. Success with the mill, wheel rocks and water which I found super easy and fast! Then came that tree.....I failed my bravery test big on the tree #1. I think I was tired and I should have stopped. Day #2 I decided the tree was hideous. It was very branchy and I was hesitant to scrape it off - but I did! I had to re-do the entire right side background - making new color mixes to match the Day #1 colors. I had to extend my background foliage upwards so this time I went for a dead tree. This tree is a sycamore and they are somewhat popular where I live. I felt with all that background color, a white tree was best. At the end, I can say I am fairly happy with the finished painting and glad I made myself persevere.



Looks really good! Glad you persisted!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

lovely the brook!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thank you Sandy and Pietro!

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

I think you saved it nicely. The mill, rocks, and stream are very well done! I didn't use Bob's weird scribbly background trees either. I opted for the round and 2" brushes.

I really like the big boulders next to the mill and the white dead tree looks just like one a quarter mile down the road from me! Really nice recovery Pam!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thanks a bunch Matt and Brian!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Magnificent painting. What I'm specially cheerful about is that you showed heart and perseverance to make this creation work and up to a finish!
This one is on my short list and I'll certainly keep your advices in mind!

Perseverance forever pays! Thanks for sharing your journey and nice work here!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thank you Voy and HLarson! After stepping away from it for a while I am growing to like it more. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging remarks! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

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