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Mountain Summit

Rob Boss 23 Jul 2019
Mountain Summit

A train traveling through a lush green forest.


I love this!! Great painting

This is just fantastic!

Each element here is pretty mind-blowing! I'd love to hear more about how you achieved your foliage effects!

I actually did a double take because I thought this was a photo from the thumbnail, amazing the amount of detail, texture, and variance in the trees and reflections in the water. Perfection.

Beautiful trees!

It seems like this user is simply using Bob's paintings as input for an algorithm to create these pictures, as well as the descriptions.

Since he/she/it doesn't reply to comments or give an explanation for the reason behind this experiment I am going to ban the account.

Lol, I was going to ask if all their images were digitally manipulated because they don’t look like paintings...

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