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Contemplative Lady

dracula 16 Apr 2023

I felt like the guest artist here really didn't have enough time to accomplish what he set out to do. 30 minutes goes by so fast, especially if you're not used to that pace! With that in mind, I'd been entirely avoiding this one. It was however, the last one available in the books I had (I have a new one now), so I just had to do it. I couldn't bring myself to recreate what was in the episode as it felt like an underpainting to me, so I took some extra time and painted out a rendition of Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614), the Blood Countess.

This is also my 200th painting since joining TwoInchBrush, so I wanted it to be something a little different.



It is amazing!

excellent work, and great subject choice!

Incredible! The lace and fabric are amazing.

Wow! After trying a self portrait I have a huge amount of respect for portrait artist. This is excellent.

Simply stunning! Excellent detail work just amazing!

This is stunning. Old Master like. How long did it take you to paint?

Wow! This is really spectacular. Everything about it is beautifully done. The jewellery is extraordinary. She looks like a no-nonsense lady!

Fantastic 👍🏼

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Fantastic Indeed! I agree about the time constraints. 30 minutes is definitely not enough time for a decent portrait. I love your subject and her devilish expression.

Amazing work, one of the best portraits I’ve seen on this site!

Great portrait, dracula.
Your style and way of painting fit the subject very well.

This is nuts. Amazing!!! 👏 👏 👏

Wow!!! 😍

Every detail, beautifully done.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you so much everyone for all your nice comments. I truly appreciate it I am happy to hear you enjoyed this painting. I find it especially rewarding to hear from some of you that you find this the subject suits my style!

@indicationofart- you asked how long this painting took. I can't say for absolute certain, but according to my photographic record, it took seven sessions. Given the properties of the medium I used (Maroger medium), I don't think any of those session would be much less than 2 hours (the medium starts setting up in a certain way I like after about 90 minutes) and I can tell (and remember) there was one long session, so I think a fair estimate would be about 20 hours, give or take a few hours in either direction.

Don't know how I missed this one Dracula but now I've seen it I have to comment. This is next level work, absolutely stunning, the details are so good. I could see this in your ( Dracula's) castle a the eyes follow you like there's someone behind the painting. Sensationally creepy but a magnificent piece! 👍

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