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Change of Seasons

Sunnylady 12 Oct 2019
Change of Seasons

Draft 2. So, nothing really to add. Water was difficult. I had to add black color because it dried before I started water. I made some mud really. It turned out that yellow colors are difficult to make different. It is ok painting. Now I need to think what I can improve before going to 16x20 canvas....


bob_ross_watercolors Watercolor Virtuoso

I like both your versions of this painting a lot!! The blues on the mountain are perfect shadows and the sunny sides came out great too. The foliage is great, especially the tree on the left---love the use of shadows in that tree.

Sunnylady Community Darling

Thank you so very much! I tried to keep shadows on that tree, because finally I started understanding a little bit more about the technique. The brush was filbert and surprisingly it can absorb crazy amount of paint and does not really want to give it back without the fight. I'll get there I am sure. Thank you very much for you kind words and especially about what you like how looks on the painting, that makes me think how I made it and will try to replicate again. About mountains shadows I think it would need to be somewhere else like may be shadows on the tree trunks to to keep the color spots a little bit distributed. I am so bad with color theory practical part... but i always want some harmony in the painting, which does not happen often. I need to keep color circle around I guess, especially when I miss Bob's color.

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