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Lost Lake

Jin7 22 Mar 2020
Lost Lake

Kamikochi in the center of Japan is a very popular tourist spot. Dead trees are very impressive and I love’em.


dracula Power Painter

I also love dead trees. They are used to wonderful effect in your painting, both for mood and for creating distance. Nice work!

@doracula Thank you for your compliment.
I think this mountain is not good.
As I'm not satisfied this ,so someday I'd like to try it again.
By the way are you a CRI ?

The viewer slides above the water and it takes the breath away as one slides in the painting at very high speed. it has so much space above the water! I think this is because of the perspective. Well done!

dracula Power Painter

@Jin7 - I love the way you paint mountains; I am hoping that you will make an article showing how you do it! I'm not a CRI, though I have considered taking the courses. Have you thought about it yourself?

Dear Sunnylady
You still point out sharp points. Thanks to you
, I noticed one thing in this work. The shadow of the tree in the middle is a bit too thick This is a level that needs to be fixed but I'm going to paint this again.
This time, the correction is forgotten and this work is gone.

Dear Drácula
All of my work is based on Bob Ross's method, but the way I painted the mountains, this time and the Tateyama Mountain Range and etc., are all my thoughts.
I am a Japanese CRI. I think your skills are more than enough for CRI. You need to learn a little about cabins and perspective. If you need a classroom, getting a CRI certification is essential. Not required otherwise. I would also like to write an article about how to paint mountains, but as you know, I am not good at English, so I thought that if I did not write the correct article, others would misunderstand. That is why I am not writing articles.

Felix Creator of

Jin7, your English is great! I am sure your article would be very well received!

Dear Felix Thank you very much for your comment.
You say so,I'll believe you and try to make articles.

lightsnow Community Helper

I had looked into the CRI courses, but they seemed a bit unfeasible to me. Numerous back and forth trips to the USA + lodging and all that would make it quite expensive. Funny story on my end - I am originally from Montreal. I moved to a small mountain town in Quebec around 40 minutes outside of Ottawa for work. When I first started painting last year, I had looked up CRI's in Quebec, with one actually being listed as living in my little village. After a while, I discovered this individual was my neighbour. What are the odds of that?

Dear lightsnow Thank you for your information.
I don't know much about countries other than Japan about CRI, but I think it's a coincidence that other neighbors are CRI. Last year's information, as far as Bob Ross Inc.'s information is concerned, I don't think the number of people is about 100 compared to CRI Japan in Canada. I don't know if it's accurate information. In Japan, the popularity has decreased, and even if one has CRI qualifications, I don't think that there are not 10 people teaching all over the country. My student had previously tried to take a CRI course in the United States, but gave up because it was too expensive.

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