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Florida's Glory

Voy Kay 26 Mar 2020
Florida's Glory

I needed a break and decided to do something unconventional to my African series. Most difficult here was to decide what to paint inside Africa's contour. I thought four days about it! I was limited since too much black wasn't allowed around the edge and only transparents could be used for the background. The family asked for a giraffe ... I gave them an elephant (Sunnylady and Romain will be SO happy!). In the end, the family was MORE excited about the elephant then a giraffe so that hurdle was an easy one. Most difficult was getting Africa's shape right with the black gesso. I slipped once with the giant brush so ... sorry Madagascar, your location is a bit ackward. Canvas used was a 16"x20" and most fun was to mix transparents with non-transparents (READ THE ARTICLE!) in order to make the little island with palm trees. One coconut fell too far but that was on purpose to sign the painting more easily. In total, 150 minutes of very relaxing fun!! Please enjoy! PS: I know this painting isn't exactly Florida (although it has palmtrees!) but the intention and technique are the same as Bob's so .... I parked this creation here.

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That's a great idea to cut into the shape of Africa. The elephant and the background color are very nice. I love it.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks Jin! The shape of Africa was painted though, since it would be very difficult to cut it, specially with the red sea (top right). I intend to do South America soon with the same tehnique (contour painted with black gesso).
I just looked for Japan but that would be a Hercules task to paint with all thos islands.
Thanks for the cheers and till next one!

Voy I must tell... I love it! absolutely amazing! I think that processing idea for 4 days gave excellent result at the end! I also like these trees and leaves on them, the brunches are so detailed, this is exceptional work!

I really like the elephant and love those trees. The one next to the elephant is perfect in size and just what he needs...I thought at first glance, the perspective was looking out of a cave but then it dawned on me that it is Africa. This is very nice.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, I knew you would love this one!!
I really had to think this over for a long while while there were quite some limits and boundaries I had to cope with. I ended up with three possibilities left and took the most colourful one of those.
The brunches took away the attention of the leaves that were deliberately kept basic and almost abstract.
THX for loving this one, more to come soon!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear LJM, you spotted right, the elephant was kept in size with the tree on purpose and he (or she) is slowly going for some food!
You gave me a great idea there! I might try to paint the view from a cave once, that would be awesome! THANK YOU!!!

Voy, you know I think those leaves are not basic, i think they are quite real against the dark sky. I like that trees have sufficient darkness here. Elephant is gorgeous! I think you should send photo of your painting to WWF and they can use it for bags or t-shirts to collect money for saving elephants. This will be super awesome on the t-shirt!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, you are truly a living idea box! I might give that a go and even send a copy to National geographic!
Watch out for more like these the next weeks. Provided that I can go out and buy some cheap canvasses since that store is in lockdown and has no online sale. I can use my more expensive ones but save those for Bob Ross.

Corona, Corona, why putting us in a lockdown coma!?

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