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Crimson Tide

MsBlueEyez 29 Mar 2019
Crimson Tide

Painting attempt #15. I Love the colors on this one. Took about 5 hours to complete


Great looking wave and beach. The water looks amazing too

Thanks so much, MaxPowers!

The water is absolutely breathtaking, nice job!

Thank you, Jianna!

I like this piece a lot. I wish I had the patience to wait 5 whole hours to see my completed work. The sky is a very good sunset. You put a lot of color in, but didn’t not blend the clouds out too much. The sea itself is also very well done. Lots of waves in the background, but not too many so as to draw attention away from the main wave. Very good eye of transparency in the wave as well. Makes it seem all the more real. I cants see the trees on the rock very well because of the glare, but they look almost a little too much like cones. Other than that, I love this painting.

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