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Morning Walk

Tom0779 24 May 2020

This one did not work with acrylics. It was already painted in January. I also did not paint the two people. This might fit more for oils. Maybe I do it again in the future, cause I basically like this scene.



By lowering the forest in the background, the work has a great depth.
Well done!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Jin. Personally I think there went a lot wrong in this one, nevertheless I thought I share it.

Tom, what is main learning from this one?

Those purple trees do not look right. I think if you make them way lighter in value and more purple-greenish-gray it will adjust the whole painting.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Well I was not happy with a lot parts of this one. I follow one rule. Once I put a signature on the painting I don’t change it any more.
I think I will paint it again, most probably in oils. On the other hand, I almost dislike every painting I did a few months ago. Even I liked them at that time and I donated a lot of them to relatives and friends. Now I just want to paint those again and exchange them 😂.

I had the same rule about signature. But then I decided why not to change the rule.
Very often I sign it because i am so happy when think it is finished. Then i go for tea or start creating order from the chaos in the studio and either move painting to the side... or take a picture of it...30 min later I start seeing weak points, especially if I took photo of it(photo shows all the flaws) and I go and fix those few things and they generally improve situation. At the end of the day i am a creator of the painting and do whatever whenever i want. :) Of course there are some rules I dont want to break, but those are linked to the chemistry of oil painting.

I think it is great idea to repaint fully. You are very brave to repeat paintings. And then a great idea go for exchange. I bet it will be interesting challenge to repaint all you dont like and replace all the versions donated. Keep us posted!

I hear you about disliking almost everything from few months ago, I have the same feeling. But i try to look at it from the point that means i grow in my painting skills. I want to exchange few ones I gave as presents for New Year as I do better now. But they are in the different cities. So... i am not that lucky to do exchange.
I also think that at some point my skills will plauto. I believe progress is exponential only in the beginning. So let's enjoy it. With experience I think each meaningful growth will be difficult to do. That's my theory.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

It’s definitely nothing I worry to repaint some pictures I did a few months ago. I like to compare the results. Exceptions are my spontaneous watercolor paintings.
The rule is to prevent me from ruining the painting. This come from my watercolor time, there you can ruin it within a few seconds.

I see. I do not have expierence witn watercolors except few of the paintings. I realized however that watercolor is most challenging media for me. I did not think from that perspective, but I certainly see what you mean even with my microscopic experience. Thanks for sharing! It is very interesting to discuss things and hear what other people say about painting. I love this community very much!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Definitely it’s a super community. And I agree with you, watercolors are also the most complex medium to me. Other mediums you can correct a lot of things, watercolors not. But they can create some of the most gorgeous effects. Maybe I post some of my paintings too. But I don’t find most of very good.

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