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Evening at Sunset

Tom0779 31 May 2020

5th oil painting and my largest until now on 40 x 50 cm canvas. My first oil painting since 1 month. Sorry I was not able to produce a better photo - there is a sheen of light from the left side and I was not able to get rid of it. However I wanted to try this since some time as these kind of skies are not possible (at least for me) to create with acrylics. Overall I am happy with several parts. I have a bit problems with the foliage, one thing I need to learn with oils. I think the cabin (it´s a very simple one) is okay. Still the most amazing things happen in oils for me is water and the sky of course. Hope more to come soon.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

It is briljant Tom, I am amazed how well you handle acrylics but oils s well. This painting is a gem, just you know it!! :) :)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Voy. It’s not that different to paint in acrylics or in oils. Every medium has its own advantages and disadvantages. But basically it’s not a problem. Watercolors is a different story. 😂

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

By the way, does somebody know if the liquid mediums (liquid-white, -black and -clear) also work on canvas boards/panels? I did not try it cause I fear they observe them too fast.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

They work Tom, I tried that before on vanvas boards, but best would be to make certain there is enough white gesso on it, either by the manufacturer or by yourself.
The board has a tendence to crawl up/bend a very ittle after some time.

Tom, you are mastering blending in oil with each next painting! Great job! You created very nice, calm sunset here!
Water shines incredibly beautiful!

For panels, I agree with Voy, somehow panels pull a bit more oil than canvas even from the same manufacturer. Try first one and see if it is comfortable and you do not get dull spots because oil pulled way too much. If so, add extra layer of gesso. Unfortunately there is no other recipe than to try and see yourself.
Please note that if you plan to work on canvas panel with knife it will be more challenging because it does not bend under the knife. But it is possible, just more practice will be needed.

How do you find painting on this big size? Did you feel more loose?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Voy Kay and Sunnylady for the hint with the canvas board. I usually buy triple primed boards - either from 'Marabu' or 'The Wall Art'. They seem to be from good quality. At least for acrylics they work very fine. I have a bit worry about putting on the liquid medium, as Voy says the board might bend when it drys. That´s exactly what I am afraid of.
I think this picture would have been possible to paint on board, as I did it exactly like Bob did in the show, i.e. without liquid - except the signature which I always use liquid black for. :)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Sunnylady for your remarks. Yes blending works very fine in oils, that´s a huge advantage of oils. When painting on this format, I felt not really a difference to the other format I used with oils which was 30 x 40 cm. Maybe the difference is not that huge. On the other hand it is not far away any more from Bobs format which is around 45 x 60 cm.

@ Tom: To me when I did 18 by 24 inch canvas from 16 by 20 I felt better as those 1 inch brushes had a bit more space to dance. May be it was just my imagination, because it was black canvas and very simple composition without trees at all (seascape in fact). I think I shall try one more time :)

Back to the panels: make sure there is no water. Oil is not supposed to bend MDF ( my perception there is thin MDF inside of the panels). Based on my experience with just MDF without canvas on it where I applied acrylic paint for 2-3 layers, this is when they bent, because of the water in the acrylics. I need to add that MDF was twice thicker than panel I used and it corroded. So I put heavy brick to straighten it up. When it dried overnight i continued with my oil painting on tops of the acrylic layers..
Water is the worst enemy of the wooden fibers.

I must tell that couple of my first canvas panels were bent at the purchase, but I did not pay attention to it as I did not know it was important till I did painting on them. The others came in nice and flat and they did not bend with oil paint. I used odorless paint thinner mixed with paint for underpainting.

If you paint on the wooden panel like old masters you'll need to prime wood from all the sides as wood is susceptible to humidity in the air.

@Voy, Can you remember when you used canvas panels did you apply acrylic or gesso with water base?

I don't know if this is helpful, but Bob doesn't recommend it either because canvas boards absorb liquid white quickly. If you can finish the work in just about an hour, you can also select it. Subbed gesso for panels and the like. Have you seen the work I drew on the board?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks for all the hints. @Sunnylady: I use the liquid mediums from Bob Ross. I think they really work well and they aren’t that expensive. I never use water in combination with oil, but of course I use it in with acrylics. I never faced an issue with the boards.
@Jin7: I know Bob mentioned it several times that you shouldn’t take boards. I think the better ones might work but not sure. Maybe I should just try it and check. I am not sure which work you refer to Jin?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Tom, that was acrylic based gesso!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Voy, I thought so. One further remark: Bob does this one without liquid clear, so did I. I think it’s easier to put the clear on before.

I'm not sure what you mean by triple primed boards.
Have you ever seen S16 E4 ?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Tom, I would use liquid clear (very thin!!) before applying the basic colours (Crimson, brown). Everything will paint a lot more fluid!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Jin7: when I say boards I mean canvas boards or canvas panels. Sorry if I caused any confusion. Thanks for mentioning the episode S16E4, I did not know this until now.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Voy Kay: Yes I agree, with liquid clear the coat crimson needed would be much easier to do. I just followed Bob here who did it just with crimson. Else bending and sliding was okay with just the first coat, but putting this first coat on was a hell of a job.

Tom, to make it go a bit easier (on canvas) you can add odorless paint thinner or turpentine. but modest amount. Pretty much dip in thinner, gently wipe and then go to your paint. As you progress with covering dip just very tip of the brush to thin it down. Thinner will evaporate very quickly from canvas and will give you very thin layer of paint that you can work with and build on it.
Remember fat over lean rule.

This is my current method of painting in general. Hand gets tired but I am rewarded with better control of next layers.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot for all your tips and tricks. I think I got already a good understanding of oils. I think my next Oil project will be S20E2 which I really Bobs version. For me it will be a challenge. Maybe you are interested in this one too?
In between I guess I will paint one or two other acrylic ones 😀

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I wanted to say I really like Bobs version of S20E2... Sorry for my terrible English.

This is lovely. I love the highlight on the structure and the sky is beautiful. It's beautifully composed and painted. I'm working on not muddying my backgrounds and overworking them. This is an inspiration.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you leaderbug. Give it a try, it looks more complex than it is. Maybe a good hint would be to use liquid clear over the dry black gesso. It would allow you to put the base colors more easily. I did it without and it was the toughest part of this one.

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