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New Day's Dawn

Tom0779 22 Jun 2020

7th oil painting. Not an easy one. I wanted the colors a bit brighter than Bob. Basically I am not unhappy with it, even I still face problems with the knife. I wished I could handle it like Bob but I guess it will last years. In my mind the path is eaten up by the grass. And thus I painted it that way. This one is made on 40 x 50 cm canvas.



lightsnow Community Helper

I was actually gearing up to paint this one yesterday but ended up not having enough time. What a coincidence. I think you did a good job with this one but I agree, it doesn't look like an easy one to paint. Your cabin is nicely done and I really like how parts of the grass next to the cabin have more highlighting. Nice work!

I did not have guts to go for this one, because trees drive me crazy. You did great job on them! One comment about trees on the right. I think that dark spot from previous painting would be real good here. But it would change the mood. Cabin would be abandoned for good... Of course my crazy idea is just an idea, but it feels so good to enhance darkness from the left by adding a bit of it on the right.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@lightsnow: Thanks for your feedback. I think the most challenging part is the cabin. It is tough to make it look right. I can only recommend you to go for it. In season 20 there are 3 very similar paintings, S20E10 (I did not share this one yet,I think about re painting it in oils), S20E12 and this one. They all belong to my personal favorites and they are all quite challenging.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: Thanks for your comments. Well I think you can do this one for sure. Try it (or S20E10 resp. S20E12) I think the result will be fantastic. Not sure which trees you got problems with? For the evergreens I use a Bob Ross Fan Brush in Oils. They work 100% better for me in creating them. I tried several other fan brushes before and none of them gave a similar good result. If you refer to the leaf trees I recommend you to use either the Bob Ross Oval Brush (for large canvases) or Filbert brushes. The result of the foliage for me is much better then taking e.g. a 1 inch brush.
Regarding the contrast from left to right. In my mind the light is coming slightly from the left and goes to the opening in the middle to the trees on the right which also follows the light parts of the grass. Whereas the left side is covered by the darker evergreens and stands in contrast to the other side. This is just how I saw it and how I wanted it. Of course there are many options to do this. Also in my mind the path is eaten up partly by the grass whereas Bob did it an other way.
However your mood is :) I hope you go for it. I still plan S21E3 which I want to do in acrylics.

Leaf trees! You got it right! I cannot figure out yet and engrave it to my brain how not to kill the dimension in them. Something recently calls me for the mystery and eeriness. I guess these are the thoughts about Covid second wave that even go into my dreams. The suspense is just hanging in the air. Anyway let's keep painting and keep taking care about families and friends!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

How do you usually create the leave trees? Which brushes do you take? For me it was the brush, but also I learned foliage with acrylics. There it is easier as you don’t mix mud. Maybe you practice it with acrylics, it helped me with oils too.

I tried round brush(not BR brand, worst result) and 1 inch BR (better) and filbert while it was new (best result) and I tried flat brush and angular brush (so far my favorite). I know all the theory but when it comes to creating the volume I just kill all the darks. Even when I create sketch before painting with oil i still mess up the volume. I draw egg shapes on a trunk to create the structure. But the result is not what I like. Take a look at green painting, one of the recent ones. This is my current way with the trees which I like more than BR method as I can get some good results . Tell me what's wrong. I guess shape struggles that's why I am not satisfied with it.
I do not have acrylics with me unfortunately. But thanks for the good idea!

May be highlights and shadows are in the wrong places from the source of the light? Your trees have it in the right place always. Maybe solution would be more pencil sketches and value studies? What do you think?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

For me the highlights and shadows are like I wanted them. The grass isn´t flat and sometimes the light is is going over the higher parts :) In the foreground I wanted it darker like in Bobs version and I put liquid black there. In my mind there is still not a lot of light there.

You grass and the path are very nice here too, the same as the trees with the right shadows and highlights. Grass is so incredibly soft, I would like to lay in that grass and listen to the wind.
About two posts above: I guess I need to research the reference material to resolve my problems from the green painting. I wonder who can guide me with it... I need to talk to someone rather than just watch video. Thanks for your help Tom!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: Maybe I totally misunderstood the two postings above. I thought they are related to this painting here. I now understand you mean the painting forest edge you did some time ago... Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Well the painting you did is different, I am not sure how I can explain you how I do the foliage. Basically my method is similar to Bobs. Maybe i start with my approach to paintings. Like my buildings I do the foliage basically without a scientific access, meaning I care about perspective at a building but I just draw it in with a pencil (with oils I do it with a liner brush and oil color) and then I slightly correct it. I do not use vanishing points or any other drawing method. But coming back to foliage. there is is similar. i don´t have any concrete access to do it. Maybe it is really important that you start with very less paint on the brush and with a dark value just to put a basic idea on where you want to have foliage, then you can go over it with a smaller brush and lighter color and I often go over it after some time again with a slightly different color. Same with grass. I prefer the more soft grass areas. With acrylics it may be easier, because there If the foliage isn´t good, just let it dry and go over it with the darker color and start again. But the key to both is that you don´t have to apply much pressure. In acrylics i use NO water when making foliage, the brush must be dry, then I load it by stumping it into the color but then I remove the access paint on a sheet of paper and when I have the feeling it is right I use a gentle pressure and create the foliage . It happens automatically. I think for you maybe the Kevin Hill method might fit more. I din´t see a lot of his videos yet, but he seems to use small brushes to make very sharp foliage.
I hope this is useful. Sorry that I misunderstood your comments above...

Don't worry Tom everything is ok. Your painting is really nice! You created very nice softness here. I guess all the further discussions would be falling on the side of personal preferences in the color choices and love to the contrasts and here all the people are different. That's why none of the artists can be loved by everyone. (blah-blah, again too many words about general stuff. Sorry. )
Thanks for your guidance regarding the foliage and your techniques. Every one of us does it slightly different. I think it is valid point to use less pressure and less paint for the underlayer and first layers. I shall try it as I build on the layers. I am sure I'll find my way with the trees sooner or later and get unstuck :).
Regarding Kevin Hill - I tried his method of painting leaf trees I kinda like it more and started building on that. However with the small brush there is a danger that I faced to have sparse leaves that my tree looks like the nature did not give him a nice jacket. :)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Well everything in painting comes with practice. I think also a good option would be to paint foliage on a very dark underground with very light color, there you need to be much more careful with the same. In this painting here I could just throw it in and it looks good. But on dark underground you see everything so you need to be more precise which gives you a lot of practice I think. Not sure if I have the time to create an article how I create foliage with acrylics. Not sure if such an article would help others.

I am sure you shall go for the article as there are quite some artists who paint with acrylic media. It will be helpful to them!
Thanks for your kindness Tom and Happy painting!

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