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Forest Down Oval

Tom0779 23 Jul 2020

An other one from season 15. If you plan to go through a whole season then you often have some ovals. This one is acrylics on 30 x 40 cm canvas. I now have a much better "contact-paper" than before. So the oval worked ok for me and I think next time I try it with oils.
The painting itself isn`t very tough, though with acrylics it is always a bit a challenge to create different layers. I have tried something new for the tree trunks, which were always tough for me with acrylics. I think it is better this way.



Tom, great contrasts here! Nice depth! Trees are awesome with a lot of character!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Sunnylady. It may be a bit too dark. Its the first time I did acrylics on a common canvas (not canvas panel). They dry a bit slower here on this surface which gives you a bit more time to blend the colors. I think the next oval I paint I will do with oils.

I noticed that sky blending :) It may be a bit dark, but this is what makes the grass pop. On panels, by the way, oil also gets absorbed very fast which makes it challenging to paint on them. Only small works. I guess for the next one I'll apply some oil-thinner mixture first to saturate panel.

Thanks for sharing this interesting observation about the difference between panels and oils for acrylics, now i really wonder what is inside of the panel.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

You are definitely right regarding the contrast Sunnylady. Also when I give it a varnish coat, then it will be even more contrast. I think I won´t paint oils on canvas board.
You have also some experience with Oil Paintings. Beside I have heard that they recommend drying at least 6 months, better up to 12 months before varnish, I am not sure where to store them that long?
Maybe I should open a thread in the forum regarding this.

I'm not familiar with acrylic paintings, but as you say, it seems better to do this work in oil.If you use an oval brush like in the previous work, you should be able to easily express the overlapping bushes with your technique.

Tom, I dry them 3 months minimum. If layer is thin and temperature quite high in 2 weeks it will be touch dry and can be moved to storage to dry to finish.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Jin: Thanks for your hint. As per my experience the acrylics make more distinct edges whereas oils are more soft. Thus maybe the bushes might look more pleasant with oils. However I wanted to give this a try in acrylics as I wanted to test the adhesive paper to create the oval :) Overall I am not too unhappy with the result. Maybe a bit dark but its the characteristic of this one.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: thanks for the hint. Do you store them standing when you varnished them? I have heard you shouldn´t store them in the dark as long as there is no varnish on. They might darken in that case.

When I varnish, I use spray and it is horizontal. I use acrylic-styrene varnish. After varnish dries ( it is 1 day) I move it to stand near the wall where I stuck them, like books in the bookcase. I heard that even if they get dark after moving back to the light they return to normal. I have not checked it. I assume it shall be few years in the dark to see that effect. I also read that dammar varnish tends to yellow. Only one natural varnish does not yellow. But I do not remember the name.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I use a clear varnish spray. I feel the paintings look much better. I haven´t yet put varnish on my oil paintings. the first one was finished not yet 3 months ago. I still want to wait. I let them dry almost everywhere, most time on the top of a cupboard. Later on I want to put them inside a cupboard and store them there. The better ones I will frame.

That's great idea you shared about varnishing acrylic. I have some at home that I like a lot. I will varnish them. Thanks for your advice!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

You are welcome Sunnylady. I only varnish those I painted on canvas or canvas board. I do not varnish the ones on paper.

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