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Storm's A Comin

Tom0779 11 Sep 2021

I work my way through season 26 and thus I have planned 2 Bob recreations this weekend. This is because I paint in the Garage and when it gets colder I do not have the mood to paint outside any more. So need to hurry.
I guess after this painting, there are 4 more missing to complete season 26. It is my first seascape in Oils and my second overall. My first one I did with acrylics. Everytime when it comes to an oval I say to myself I will skip the shape this time, but everytime then I do it again :) This time a bit of the black gesso (I use brand Marabu, maybe not the best quality) bled out of the oval. I think I have to go over it either with white or alternatively I paint the rest of the canvas with bkack gesso once it is dry.
Also I always use only a 30 x 40 cm canvas when I do an oval, this is because I have a suitable template for this size. This is a way to small for Bobs equipment but I use other brushes now, and it seem to work fine. Only Ross brand brush I used is the 1 inch.
So I hope to finish an other one tomorrow:)



Really nice one! Love all of the, wave, water, rocks. And great colors as well.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks flippergirl. Glad you like this one.

I like this one too. It's one of my favorite seascapes from the series.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Matt!

I love the foam here, great that you added a proper shadow to it and the eye of the wave is blended perfectly with preserving the shadow in a foot of the wave.
I know it is only your second one, but when next one will come, think about that brightness of far away waves need to be lower and gradually increase to the foreground. Here in this one I actually combine two words in one brightness as pure color and lightness as amount of white. If you glaze left part of the sea at horizon with prussian blue (maybe with touch of phtalo green) it will create the depth in the painting. Otherwise white/light/yellowish adds too much contrast and brings that left corner closer to the viewer than the main wave. if you could natch the color of the cloud near the horizon to the color of the foam near the horizon and may be 1- 2 cm down. I hope I explained it well.
I would also suggest to add a muted grayish-blue-purple foam(like your shadow on main wave) which is darker than the value of main highlight of the main wave foam to the waves in front, it just calls for some foam in front. But just here and there, not across the entire small wave.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Sunnylady for the suggestion. I totally agree with you regarding the background waves. I think to maybe touch it again, yet it is dry already. I can remember that I have too much trouble with ovals (I use a 30 x 40 cm canvas only as I have a good oval shape for this. But the oval actually is not bigger than 25 x 32 cm, which is really too low I am afraid) and there I fiddled a lot around with the background waves. I wasn't able to blend them back, because the brushes I have are simply too big. When I got them (not perfectly) half right I stopped and did not think about the color any more. But Yea a glaze with a transparent blue and a bit alizarin and a touch phtalo green could work here.
I will think about it, I am not sure if I have the courage to try it :)
I always tell myself, skip the oval (and those troubles won't appear) but then I do it again :)

@Tom, so much agree about ovals! I always avoid them because it takes painting space away.

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