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Original Creation


Hado Hagen 14 May 2021

Such beautyful little flowers. 10x15. On paper..


Very nice. Good conrast from the soft busy background. I do not really understand the white back petals, anyway I like it.

Very pretty indeed Hado. Lovely colours and great shape and form to those leaves. You always manage to capture the essence of the flowers and leaves you in your paintings. Always instantly recognisable you don't even need to name them! I often confused pansies with violas until I learned that they are the same species but pansies tend to have bigger flowers.

The background is really good. How did you accomplish it? I'm especially interested in the white bits.

NagyMaria. Thank you. That violet realy whas this way, with that white pad.

NagyMaria, Petal I mean.

The LandscapePainter. Thank you very much for your compliment.At first I did col them also "Pansies ", but then somebody sed that it was a old fashion name voor violets.

LinzeePaints. Thank you. The white parts ar just thick white paint , when de rest from the underground is olmost dry. And how I make the background? I just mess around , do things with wet paint. At first it looks terrible and then suddenely....

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