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Original Creation

Amaharashi Coast 2

Jin7 19 May 2020

In this work, I changed the shades and added a little more detail to the sea.



Beautiful work Jin! Great depth. It shows well that mountains are so far away.
What is your favorite thing in this painting?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Great detail to that sea, it looks SO alive! Mountain is at your usual master level! I specially like the rock, gives depth and is an eye catcher!
A+++ painting!

Dear Sunnylady Dear Voy Thank you both for your nice comments.

I think that the color of this painting is lighter so that it gives a sense of distance to the mountains. When you actually see it, it looks distant when the color is not clear, and on the other hand, when the color is clear, it looks like it approaches your eyes. In addition, I did particular about the waves, but I felt that the result was so so, and I think that the overall score is about 70 out of 100 points.

@Voy Kay Thank you for introducing my article!

Amazing! The waves in the sea are perfect. I can almost hear the splashing. I love it so much. Your mountains are always beautifully done. Really great!!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

My pleasure Jin, it was and outstanding article and I was VERY happy I ended my painting sabbatical with your tutorial! REAL FUN to do!!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

The mountains are perfect, as in all of your paintings. I like the rock with the tree, its a very scenic painting.

Felix Creator of

The rock is great, my favorite part of the painting.

Dear Voy Kay I hope everyone will enjoy painting.
That is real Joy Of Painting! And I would be happy if I could help you with that.

Dear Froggie Dear Tom Dear Felix
Thank you everyone for your joyful comments.

I think very interesting feature of this range that at the right condition base of the mountains just disappears and tops look like clouds far away. Such a deceiving look for a viewer who would come first time there to look at mountains.

Dear Sunnylady I think there is a misunderstanding in terms of words, so I think you want to say that the cloud I drew is unnatural, but I'm sorry if I made a mistake.
Originally I was not aiming for realism. I want to draw the atmosphere rather than just drawing what I see, so I think that I sometimes draw landscapes that are impossible in reality. But I should fix the clouds.

No Jin, this in not what I meant. :) Indeed some misunderstanding.

I mean if you stand on the real shore land in Japan and observe this mountain range with your own eyes (based on google images).

I searched photos on the internet for my research of the actual look and below is the link of what I saw some time ago and what impressed me quite a lot. See, at some viewing conditions that mountain tops look like clouds and base of the mountain is exactly the same as sky. Magic!

or like storm clouds are coming:

Your clouds are beautiful and no mistakes Jin! Sky is gentle and subtle that allows rest of the painting to stand out! If you just drew the photo it would be boring -You are totally right about it! :)

By the way today when i have been researching Fuji mountain I noticed some photos have the same Magic effect.

Check it out please. It is very interesting. I think this is extreme example of aerial perspective.

Dear Sunnylady
Thank you for looking into various things.
I've seen the first pictures of the Tateyama mountain range and I've seen it in actual scenery, but there aren't many days when it look so beautiful.
The second picture is the Tateyama mountain range at dawn rather than before the storm. Sometimes you can see a more truly breathtaking landscape where the clouds cover the mountains and the golden light shines into the sea through a slight gap. Unfortunately I couldn't find the photo.
The pictures of Mt. Fuji are very famous and have been seen many times, but as you say, they are very good as a subject of aerial perspective. However, I have written somewhere before, but unlike other people, I'm not so interested in Mt. Fuji. Of course, I think Mt. Fuji is beautiful, but I draw Mt. Fuji because it's easy to use as a teaching material and acceptable to the students.
So I don't think I'll draw this photo because it's too difficult for me to use as a teaching material.

Dear Felix
The rock in the center is named Meiwa means woman Rock and the rock right side far away
is named Oiwa means man rock.

I'll upload a close-up of this rock please Look forward to it.

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