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Original Creation

Amaharashi coast3

Jin7 23 Apr 2020

The third versión of Amaharashi coast .
This time I took a composition with a lot of sea.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Super painting Jin! Japan's beauty is infinite on your palette!

Dear Voy Thank you for your nice comment.
Your comments always cheer me up.

Jin, do you do pleinair with these painting? Do i remember right you live very close by this site?

This is beautiful as usual! I like you added this sea green it made water more live.

Dear Sunnylady Thank you for you nicecomment.
I live a little away from here.
All mountains are like that, but you can't see them every day.
Last year, the officers of The most beautiful bays club in the world came from various countries and said they had never seen such a beautiful place.
Many Japanese say Mt. Fuji is the most beautiful, but I think the Tateyama mountain range is more beautiful.
I have drawn more than 30 works on this mountain range so far. However, I am not satisfied with more than half, so I think drawing the Tateyama mountain range is my life work.

I was googling the photos and place is just amazing the transparency of the air gives let the eye to see these far away mountains. I am actually amazed how blue they are at the day time, they look almost like floating in the sky on many of the photos and their icy peaks look like clouds from instant look. This island with the tree on it is outstanding. The island just lives in the sea.

I guess it is very difficult to paint this mountain range because it is just blue on blue and almost impossible to even find the photo where they would stand out really well. Also very difficult to find good photo with foreground in it. I think this is incredible vast space there that just takes the breath away.

You are certainly on a very difficult mission here. This is very incredible subject to paint.
Your paintings are amazing Jin, I am sure you will fulfill your mission.

What is your absolute favorite so far?

What do you think about this photo?

Or this photo #2:

Voy, this photo is for you and for you home assignment :) Your crane and palm trees are super awesome, now you need to try this:

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Nice one, is it not? Well …. I already have such project in mind since January, but with a special twist. I haven't created it yet since Felix needs to make a path/possibility for that first. He did not have time yet to do that but it will come soon. I can't explain more, you will have to be surprised soon!
Till later!!

MHK Helpful Friendly User

excellent coastline. I always have trouble with the waterline, can you give a few tips how you make it look so realistic?

Dear Sunnylady Thank you very much.
The first photo you presented is the left side of my composition. And this is the Hakuba mountain range, not the Tateyama mountain range. It means that you can see two mountain ranges from this place. The second photo also shows a part of the left side of my work, but not the right side at all. The reason why the rocks are in the two pictures is that they are taken at different positions. My composition is as seen from a distance of about 200m from the position where these pictures were taken.
Also, in these pictures you can see many rocks above the sea, which appear at ebb tide.

The Tateyama mountain range can be seen from anywhere except in the eastern part of Toyama Bay, but it looks different depending on where you look. The mountain range looks beautiful from the center to the west of Toyama Bay. I have another favorite place, which is the place I uploaded the other day named the Great mountain range. From this place you can see three mountain ranges. From the left are Hakuba Mountain Range, Tateyama Mountain Range, and Hida Mountain Range (part). Floating offshore is an island called Abugajima.

This site includes the movies on youtube.
and others

Dear MHK Thank you for your comment.
You asked me about wáter line but there are various types of water lines.
For example a case of the viewpoint is not parallel to the angle of the wave like this.
Set the wave to converge to the last point. (You don't need to consider distant waves). This is a vanishing point in perspective. I think you should start with a simple one at the beginning. I hope this is your desired tips.

Jin, thanks for sharing more photos and videos. Place is amazing! I have never seen anything like it! Thanks a lot for taking me to this wonderful place through the photos!

Dear Sunnylady My pleasure!

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