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Original Creation

Scared mountain

Jin7 22 Jun 2020

I love bird's eye view paintings.
In recent years, it has become possible to use a drone to see such a landscape, this is just such a painting.
There are at least six cities in this picture, but not whole part.
This is the view from the Goishigamine hill at an altitude of 461m, and the mountain in the distance is Yakushidake, the beautiful mountain at the southeastern end of the Tateyama mountain range.
When I asked an expert if the foreground of this work should be painted, he told me that the foreground would be an obstacle to this painting. Such works are seen in the works of professional painters in the art magazines I buy. I know there is a theory that a foreground is always necessary for landscape painting, but there are various ways of thinking about painting, and it is best not to think that my way of thinking, including myself, is absolutely correct.

My work on this site has finally exceeded 100. At first I didn't plan to upload this much, but there were more paintings at home than I had expected. This is my last painting on this site.
I am very grateful to the people who have made various comments. I would be happy if my work that I uploaded was useful for the artists on this site.



Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Jin for sharing your tips and paintings. I regret that I cannot see more of your paintings, but of course it is your decision. I think I learned a lot from your hints. Thanks!

Dear Tom0779
I really appreciate your comment.
I think you are a wonderful painter.
I quit uploading my work, but I'd like to leave comments on occasion.
I 'd like to introduce you this movie.
He did all his works in acrylics.

Felix Creator of

Jin7, I will add a forum in the next two weeks and I hope you will stick around and help out people of they have questions. Your expertise is an invaluable asset to the community!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Jin7,

While I only wish to cheer and celebrate with you, and everybody else, for uploading your 100th painting, my heart is deeply saddened because one of my favourite painters and commenters on this site is leaving/endng to upload.
You are a real assett to this community Jin, for showing us some stunning beauty of your creations, for spreading your always well-ment advices, for the joy of having you in our mids.
I read the reason for your departure, and I accept it as a friend but cannot agree with it as an artist. There is so much more you can share with us, whether Bob Ross recreations or your own 'soul on canvas'. Yesterday, I admired your drawings again of the Japanese ladies. I looked and smiled at my 'Fuji mountain' creation that I learned from your tutorial. Your 'Starry night bridge', 'Beautiful autumn in Japan', Bob's 'Old oak tree', Bob's Indian summer', your bridges ... the list of 'WAW paintings' goes on and on ...!
If this really is your farewell, then I wish you 'Godspeed' and hope your travels, endeavours, life and inspiration will be prosper and fruitful. But know that I will always leave a light on, a beacon, a twinkle star ... if ever you are in need of returning.
Voy Kay

Dear Felix
Thank you for your wonderful words. .. I'm not sure if I can cooperate without looking at the specific format of the forum. My English is too poor to discuss various issues. Because the way of thinking is Japanese, which is quite different from Western languages. If it's like a question and answer, I can help this site.

Dear Voy
Thank you my friend for the wonderful words. I haven't been able to see you on this site for a while, so I was very worried about the news of COVID-19 in Europe in the news. I'm very happy because I thought I couldn't see your words anymore.At first I thought I'd leave this site completely, but a few people have kindly told me so I thought I'd get involved a little. But there aren't many things I can do. Some day I may change my mind one day and upload my work. However, there is no plan for that so far. I would rather like to see a new work of you and others.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Jin,

I have been absent for several reasons and will only name two of them. Yes, I have health issues yet they are not Corona related. It hampers me though from painting painless for a longer while. Thank you for your concern dear friend, I feel flattered and strenghtened!
Second reason is that I am really troubled with the tsunami of commercial rubbish/adds on the site, most of them are even adult/porn related. Far from userfriendly, my opinion!

There are still quite some very useful, interesting, valuable things that you can do Jin, and I wish to encourage you to search, seek and harvest them. Please keep posting, commenting, caring and sharing ... a lot of people are behind you!


Felix Creator of

Voy, I am currently in the process of changing the ad provider for exactly the reasons you mentioned. With the current service I can't change the frequency and position of ads or ban certain topics. This should hopefully happen in the next few days.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Felix, that will be a huge relieve!

Dear voy
Thank you very much .
You always give me courage. I sincerely hope for your health.

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