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Original Creation

“Trail Me a Happy Little 5K” • NTZ

Ninoum 07 Jun 2024

For my storytelling compo, I went with a recreation of a pic that I took of the trail we did for the annual event “Happy Little 5K” last April. It was hard to choose a picture, but I thought this one was pretty interesting with the root system of the foreground tree. Loved doing the foliage tho, def tricky.

All the proceeds went for the support of tree planting and forest protection in state parks of the home state of the registered participants.

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Really nice!

Thank you much Bob! 😀

Amazing work of art, such attention to detail. Working from a photo has its own challenges, unravelling all the layers before you can even think about creating all the detail. Foliage definitely can be tricky but you nailed it. Favourite bit for me is the dried leaf covered earth, I'd like to try that sometime. Love it.

Very pretty!!!

Wow that is beautiful.

Incredible painting N! Those dead leaves amongst the roots and on the trail!

Great work. Those roots look like killers for runners on a 5K though.

Cool, and gorgeous

Great one, Nancy! <3

Must have taken quite a bit of time, with all the detaisl it has.

Thank you very much TLP! The leaves were super tedious since there are so many but easy to paint. I really enjoy that type of work.

Thank you Tony! 😀

Thank you bunches Tanisha! 😊

B!!! Thank you super much! They came out better than I expected.

Thx Colin! It was a run/walk. we walked it obviously since the trail was like a gauntlet. Lol!

Thank you so much Dee! 😀

Many Thx Titia! It did take some time indeed. I worked between 3-5 hours on it on 7 days.

Nancy!! What the heck! This is amazing. I really like the warm feeling of the light coming through the foliage, I think it improves upon the photo. Then those leaves, sheesh. What kind of teeny tiny brush are you using to do those? Did you do any underpainting for this? I'm impressed as always.


A great painting ,Nacy. Super work 👍🏼🇩🇪Greetings from Germany

Thank you bunchy Jeff! 😊. Glad you dig this one. Here are some answers to your questions. I use the Bob Ross script line brush to make my leaves. I didn't do any underpainting for this one, just a straight white canvas and liquid clear. Let me know if you have more questions. Always a pleasure to enlighten you. 😃

Many thanks Sandy! 🥰

Thank you tons my German friend! 🤗🇩🇪

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Oooo a fantastic tree and painting! I did not know palms could be "rooty" like that😯

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