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Original Creation

Blue Floral Revisited

TheLandscapePainter 29 Jul 2021

I hate painting on a dry canvas but I knew it needed more foliage so I put some more leaves in. Then my hubby thought it would be a good idea to put some more daisies in, so I put more daisies in. Then my friend said I should put some gypsophila in, so I put some gypsophila in. No more now, I'm done.



I think it looks more full and alive than previous version. With all extra flowers it keeps it softness and gentleness as before! very well done!

What a lovely painting is this TheLandscapePainter. You know, I love flowers.

Thank you Sunny, I thought I might have gone a bit too far with it. I don't really know what the boundaries are with floral painting.

Thank you Hado. Yes I do know you love flowers and this is such a nice compliment coming from you. And you do inspire me to paint these. Have you ever done a rhododendron? I imagine painting them would be pretty much similar to this but with multiple centres.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I don't know much about flower painting, but I in my opinion this is really well done. Very nice!

Thank you Tom. It's my understanding that blooms left of centre should lean toward the left and blooms right of centre should lean toward the right but I forgot about that for the blue flowers. Anyway if you've ever held a bunch of daisies you'd notice they go every which way they want, they ignore the rules and I quite like them all over the place, they are really fun to do.

This is phenomenal, I made an attempt at some of Lowell’s flowers and am waiting on a couple sable brushes to make it easier for me. I remember seeing beautiful pieces like this at my grandmothers as a child and thinking - how beautiful. Yours stand above the rest! I think I can learn a little from you to improve my technique!

Thank you kaylee, we are both still learning. Yes you need soft brushes, soft paint and smooth canvass. I can pick plenty of faults with this one but it's more about enjoying the creativity thank looking for perfection. Honestly I'm not as good at this as you think which probably means you will do much better than you think. This was my second Lowell, and I think you are watching the right artist, he explains it well doesn't he. When you are comfortable with those, take a look at Gary Jenkins poppies on youtube. Also check out the florals Hado has uploaded on here, her floral creations are fabulous and inspiring.

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