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Original Creation

Cave Waterfall

TheLandscapePainter 07 Nov 2020

My first cave so that's something new for me, and a lot of work with the knife which isn't my favourite piece of equipment but I did my best, water is my thing so I thought I would have a go. It's oil on canvas, hope it fits the criteria.



Felix Creator of

Wow, great painting! I absolutely love the impressionistic feeling here. I'd definitely hang this on my wall!

Thank you so much, I'm happy you like it.

dracula Power Painter

Wowee zowee, what a cool painting. Great colors and exceptional realism in the rocks while keeping the paint application loose and natural. Wonderful work!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

very partial to falls..great colors.

Super amazing light and texture of walls in the cave. My favorite part is lightning and how the light is distributed. The shine in the water is fantastic!
The walls in the cave have incredibly real look! And that turquoise water just invites to jump in!

Congrats with being first submission to the Event!

Thank you all for your kind comments. Dracula, the foreground rocks were my favourite part, I wanted them to look like shiny wet coal, something I remember well from my childhood. Pietro, falls are my favourite thing to paint. Sunny, I was nervous about the walls of the cave, it's not my usual soft style but I wanted to try it as there has been some really good knifeworks cropping up here just recently. As soon as I saw the water theme I had to get my brushes out so I'm not surprised mine is the first submission, it's nice to be first at something lol. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Stunning TLP!
One would want to stick out a hand to feel the waterdrops from that fall!
Amazing light shading created here in water and rocks.
An A+++ painting and you got my vote!

Thank you so much Voy. That's two votes (including the one I put on myself lol. )

Magical light! And your choice of colour makes this absolutely enchanting. You have really captured the most tempting pool, it’s just beautiful.

Thank you Kav. While the light is important I like to think that shadows are starting to creep in on the left hand side as I imagine it would gradually slip into darkness off canvas. There will no doubt be a narrow opening in the rocks where daylight slips through - room for another painting further down the line I think.

I wish I could visit here! It’s absolutely beautiful.

I expect you could visit if you could find it Lilikins. I got the idea from a photograph of a real place but I don't know its location. I used to live near some caves and always wanted to go inside but as I'm disabled I couldn't climb down the rocks so painting this was a delight. I had to mentally unravel the image to create the correct layering sequence to get it down on canvas. It wasn't just for the event it was a personal challenge.

I had to look twice, I thought this was a photo. I really like the colours of the water and the rocks are spectacular! Great job!

Thank you Madame Mouton, what a kind thing to say. Such a compliment. I'm happy with the rocks as I have a love/hate relationship with the knife but it was easy this time. I started off with liquid white in the centre. Keeping it fairly dry I added liquid black to the white brush and applied around the outside for shades of grey as a base for the rocks, and finished the foreground rocks with straight black and straight white on the knife.

Lilikins, I think it's Springbrook National Park Australia.

Oh thanks! Hopefully someday I will visit Australia and I can see this scene in person!

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