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Original Creation

Lytham Pier 1945 L. S. Lowry

TheLandscapePainter 22 Apr 2021

I was joking when I said I would paint a Lowry, then I came across this painting he did of Lytham Pier. It's only a stones throw from where I live so it really grabbed my attention. I enjoyed researching Lowry. He painted matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs. Mostly his characters were bedraggled looking unhappy little souls working in factories and clearly had a hard life, they were usually looking unhappily downwards. Here is a slightly unusual painting by the artist, the same little characters enjoying a day at the seaside, on a warm sunny post-war day on the Lancashire coast, where they seem to be almost joyful and full of hope for a better future. There are 120 people including the baby, plus 4 dogs. Took 25 hours to paint, 18x24 oil on canvas.



No wonder this took 25 hours with so many wonderful tiny details. What a nice scene and hopeful story behind it. It’s hard to imagine going to a beach in dresses and suits.

ForestViewGallery. Thank you, yes I too found the characters amusing. Lowry painted another similar scene, I managed to spot two tiny characters laid out on the sand sunbathing fully clothed in suits. And I know from experience that walking on a sandy beach with a walking stick is near impossible. What fun.

Great painting! 120 people not counting dogs and cats! I think this is very enriching experience! I think after painting we did for the Event work of arts in museum will talk more to us and will give us more enjoyment.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

A true gem TLP! Such wonderful choice of creation to duplicate and succeeded so well!
One can spend a real long time here watching that huge crowd in that beach scenery!

Big Lowry fan right here, i live in Salford near Pendlebury where Lowry lived. I love your painting TLP , please check out my own Lowry,s "The balloon sellers" and " The fight" i would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you Sunny, I agree. The event has already made me really look at this painting and to hear what Lowry was saying. Also, researching the artist, his own struggle to gain recognition in the world of art, and what drove him to paint his observations in the way that he did, helped get a better understanding before I put brush to canvas. They might be just matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs to me, but to Lowry this was real life. He always claimed to have painted what he saw. I can see the empathy he felt for those poor people, especially in his street scenes which tend to be rather bleak. There's one called "the cripples" which tells a dark story. Lowry wasn't taken seriously and he was criticised. But I see a historical truth in his paintings, and you can't re-write history without destroying truth.

Thank you Voy. I am sure that is exactly what Lowry did.

Tel, thank you. I can see Lowry's influence in both of your paintings, I especially like "the fight", all the pale faces and the little dog. I hope you keep painting these. Are you familiar with Arthur Delaney? he did a wonderful painting of Blackpool seafront called "Blackpool" (he actually makes it look good) in Lowry style. I hope to be able to paint people that well some day.

I have done many Lowry inspired paintings particularly when i first picked up a brush, in fact i also have submitted a Lowry for the old masters event. I would question whether Lowry could be called an "old master" however. I live near to Salfords Lowry theatre where it is possible to see many of the artists original works, certainly worth a visit ! I will check out Delaney...I love Blacky.

Tel, there is at least one Lowry, could be more, of Blackpool pleasure beach which had been incorrectly catalogued as being Beswick fair because Sotherby's got it wrong. It's still worth upwards of £1 million wherever it is! I'm not sure how you define "old master" but when your paintings command that sort of money, you've got to have something pretty special. And who am I to judge anyway when my painting skills are akin to a tone-deaf musician busking.

Been checking out Delaneys it!

Oh wow that’s a lot of people! You gave yourself a challenging one but the outcome is fantastic. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was amusing that so many people were in full suits.

It's nice to see Lowry getting some love around here, as TLP has already mentioned he was so misunderstood and struggled to get taken seriously, his work was undeniably naive but he painted people the way he saw them and he rarely strayed from the subject of the working classes in northern towns....His work now sells for millions

Lilikins, thank you, I didn't realise just how hard it would be but once I got started I had to see it through to the end. I find them amusing too. It's the walking sticks that crack me up, the thought that they can be used on the beach with any kind of success. I did the same thing myself once so it really makes me laugh.

Marvellous. Really captivating and can spend ages musing over the stories behind everyone in this scene. 25 hours sound like a marathon but time very well spent. Thanks so much for sharing!

rah, thank you for your kind comment. I know what you mean, I even recognise one of them. The woman in the red dress right in the centre of the painting looks like my dear old mother, same stature, same hair, same dress. It ended up taking a bit longer than the 25 hours as after uploading I noticed I had missed out a group of 5 people and 1 dog, I couldn't leave it unfinished could I. After decorating the house I am planning to hang it in the hall, I might even make a frame for it. Tel has done some smashing Lowry's, you might want to check them out.

Thanks for the wink TLP and again well done on a brilliant painting!

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