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Original Creation

Cardinal bird in winter

Tom0779 17 Sep 2020

This one was almost too difficult for my skills. Almost everything went wrong and I felt like a very beginner with watercolors. Surprisingly the result doesn't look that bad. It is line and wash on A5 watercolor paper cold pressed, brand is Winsor and Newton. This bird in nature must have a gorgeous color, especially in winter. Unfortunately he doesn't exist in Austria so I never saw one, but the pictures I have seen from him are really nice. Hope you enjoy the painting, one bird to follow and then I think I stop this series.

Watercolors Markers


A beautiful cardinal! They are my favorite bird and I have many that enjoy my sunflower seeds. I was lucky enough to have a pair build a nest in my red rose bush this year. It is sad you have never seen one but you have certainly captured one in your series!

Sunnylady Community Darling

Tom, you jive with watercolors! This is amazing painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Amazing bird Tom! What caught me most was the look in its eyes, SO vivid!

This is a gorgeous painting Tom. This little bird, same as the sparrow, has a very slight ruffled feather effect which I really like. So natural looking. I know that feeling when you think you're not up to it, it's not so enjoyable when you're finding it difficult is it (I've experienced it a lot myself recently) but you are turning out some lovely paintings that I'd never be able to do. You're just out of your comfort zone that's all, you have talent Tom, nurture it!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks to everyone for your positive feedbacks. They really help me to find motivation to improve my painting skills. I decided to do one further bird to have a series of 3 which I give my parents as christmas gift then.
Afterwards I want to do some scenes with buildings (my favorite painting objects) again. And I feel it is about time to do an oil/acrylic painting in Bob Ross style.

Watercolours are so much more difficult than oils. You have done a wonderful painting and really captured the spirit of this cardinal. Keep at it.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you Sbuck56. I paint in watercolors, acrylics and oils. I think every medium has its difficulties, but oils and acrylics are much more forgiving. :) I am happy that you like this painting.

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