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Original Creation

Hidden Barbershop

Tom0779 11 Oct 2020

This one was very time consuming. It is line and wash on A5 sized cold pressed paper from Canson. Unfortunately I ran out of my favorite brand for watercolor paper Winsor & Newton, but here no wet in wet is required so the paper is ok. I wished I had taken an other format, I guess 15 X 30 cm would be the best option, as I ran out of space on the right side. Thus, unfortunately there is a nice part missing compared to the YouTube tutorial. Of course I already recognized this during the drawing but I put a lot of work into it until then so I decided to finish it anyhow. Due to this reason I am not totally happy with this one...

Watercolors Markers


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Paris 1950 revisited!!
Even with the smaller size of paper, that Barber shop is accentuated by it and in such great contrast with that dark alley!

Brrrr, this would not be my neighbourhood but in fact .... I have too few hair left to visit a barber! :):):)

This is great. You are really clever at creating an atmosphere Tom. It makes me think of Sweeney Todd, so I wonder what it would have looked like with a pie shop next door. Have you ever considered doing a London Jack the Ripper scene? I don't mean the murdered women part, I mean a night time scene with the old grubby buildings, narrow cobbled street, the smoggy atmosphere, a solitary candle lit street lamp trying its best to light the way for anyone who dare to walk around the area late at night.

Sunnylady Community Darling

I am imagining at the end of the tunnel there should be a potential customer with obvious mess on his head deciding if to go to to the barber shop.

Awesome painting Tom! Did you get this dark with water color or that is the special thin marker/pen?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks all for your feedback.
@Voy Kay: I have the same issues with the hair :D :D
@TheLandscapePainter: Thanks for giving me some ideas. I really think about doing something with a touch of horror since some time. I never thought about doing an urban scene about this theme, but you really give me a new option. Thanks.
@Sunnylady: The dark is sepia, almost pure tube consistency. This is why I prefer watercolors in tubes against the blocks. If you really need a very very strong pigment, you can always use fresh paint from the tube and use it almost pure.

Sunnylady Community Darling

Thanks Tom!

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