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Original Creation

Home near the forest edge

Tom0779 30 Nov 2020

This one has been done after an other YouTube tutorial. An other line and wash painting in A5 size. The paper is cold pressed 100 % cellulose from Winsor and Newton. This is my favorite paper as it almost works as well as the high quality 100 % cotton ones (e.g. Arches, Hahnemühle or the professional papers from Winsor and Newton) and it is significantly cheaper.
However this is one further scene with a secluded building. This is my favorite theme to paint.

Watercolors Markers


Felix Creator of

My favourite part is how the birds draw your eyes to the upper left and lead you to discover that wonderful gradient between the clouds that blend into the background and the ones that have a harder edge and are separated from the sky. Fantastic use of the techniques!

Are there still things you are learning from these tutorials? To me it looks like you have mastered the line and wash technique! Peter Sheeler has nothing on you anymore ;)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Felix.
I have to say the main thing to learn for me is the drawing part. This is relatively new to me. In fact in most of my line and wash paintings the drawing costs 3/4 of the time the whole painting takes. Watercolor painting itself becomes much easier if you use good quality material. As mentioned several times the paper is the most important part. These techniques do not work on low quality paper.
Regarding Peter Sheeler. In my opinion he is a fantastic artist. I own a few original paintings from him and if I compare them with my works I have to say I still need to practice to reach his level. I also have a high opinion of Nil Rocha. Some of his drawings are really a challenge to follow. I have done dozens of re creations of their work, and I am still not bored to follow their instruction videos and I learn something new every time.
I personally think I am not a very creative person, i.e. I cannot paint just out of my mind. I need to have a real plan for it. But I think I have a good feeling for perspective and for the different painting techniques.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

very nice lil road leading to the dwelling.great job.P

Another amazing one Tom! I like how the distant trees are indicated, it really pushes that hill with the fence line up high and close. Do you have a paint brand or type you prefer? Pans or tubes?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Pietro & doggymommee for your feedback.
@doggymommee: I absolutely prefer paints in tubes. Sometimes you need a lot of pigment and as the tube paints are soft you can use it almost in pure tube consistency. This makes life much easier. I use Winsor & Newton paints as well as Schmincke. They are both really good ones to work with.

Thanks Tom!

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