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Original Creation

Industrial building

Tom0779 05 Oct 2020

I give it a try and I post an industry building on this site. I decided to share less paintings in the future. I am not sure if these kind of paintings fit to a Bob Ross fan site. These buildings have a lot of character and are a real challenge for those who want to go further. It is line and wash on A5 watercolor paper.



Sunnylady Community Darling

Wow! You are master of thin lines and details in water colors. It is impressive!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot Sunnylady. I have done other industry buildings too. I really like them due to the reasons above. As mentioned I will share less paintings in the future as I don’t want to flood the site with my watercolors. I don’t think a lot of people here work with them.

I love all of your watercolors Tom! I am always excited when you post a new one. And I am actually considering trying watercolor in the near future because of what you do post.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Hi.I love the architectural touch.I stidied as a youngster.Great painting and cool waters as well.Cheers.P

You have a great talent, Tom. BRAVO!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Bob's message to all of us was to follow our artistic hearts, views and interests by means of all tools available. I'm sure he didn't care about what mediums would be used to achieve that.

Many of the photos from fans all over the world show other creations (people, animals, constructions ...) then his and he was always so proud to show them in an episode every now and then.

This site holds room for that since a clear distinction has been made between Bob Ross creations and others( originals).

Personally, I greatly dislike the fact that I could not broaden my horizons, frontiers on ANY art level. If this were to be a site that only accepts Bob Ross, I would be thrilled for a while but get bored, disillusioned and caught/emprisoned in the end.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You dazzle and surprise us a lot Tom, with beautiful, stunning and various creations of yours.
My hope is you will continue with that and you will always get my applauds, cheers and respect.

AND the building is fabulous! Not only shape wise but also the great colouring you applied and mixing that with such delicate nature foreground! Bravo!

Sunnylady Community Darling

@ Tom, I am happy for you found the topic that thrills you every time you paint and that inspires you to go further and challenge yourself further. This would be a pleasure to see more of your works here. Regarding love to watercolors for me I had to grow to it. Museums usually do not have much of them.
Your paintings are very complex with this drawing part, this is certainly not for everyone to attempt such a type of paintings, but it is a pleasure to see them. If you go for a bigger formats and will post, would it be possible to see few close up photos too?
I am super happy that the watercolors woke up your creativity and let you grow to the next levels! Please do not disappear on us here, do post something from time to time, any media you like!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you for the feedbacks doggymommee8301, Pietro1963 and MsBlueEyez. I really appreciate them.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Voy Kay and @ Sunnylady: Well maybe I caused some miss understanding. The first reason why I want to post less (just less, by meaning something like 3 out of 10 or so) of my work is that I paint a huge number (mostly more than 10 per week) and I don't want to bore the people here. Especially those who don't like watercolors and non nature scenes. Second reason is that I want to learn something new but here are mainly oil painters, which is good for my oils skills (but currently not in mood to paint with them) but with watercolors it's tough to get some hints for improvement.
So it means that I will only share more selected paintings and only all few days, not every day.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: Regarding watercolors in general. William Turner (one of the most famous painters ever) used them a lot, and some of his most famous paintings are done with them. This kind of painting (line or pen or ink and wash) is relatively new as far as I know. I think the urban sketchers made it popular. I don't think this technique fits for big formats, as it is based on the fine liners and you cover also areas totally with them, so imagine this on a 40 x 50 cm format. Urban sketchers often work with watercolor sketchbooks. They are often A5 or even A6 format.
I know for some painters this style looks like paint by numbers, but trust me it is much more, Even the coloring is not that easy as it looks, you need to have a few skills in watercolor painting... and you need to be able to correct mistakes:)

Felix Creator of

Voy and Sunnylady have already said it better than I ever could. Every painter with every technique is welcome here on TwoInchBrush :)

I understand your point that there are almost no other watercolor painters here to provide feedback. I think this is kind of a chicken-egg-problem:
Nobody uploads watercolors since there are not watercolor painters here to give feedback since nobody uploads watercolors...

I have something in the works that might get a few more people to try them out later this year. Only a few more days!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Yes I am aware about being welcome in general. I just didn't want to overload the page with watercolors, as it seems I am one of those persons posting paints most regular. However maybe there is more interest as I assumed.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Tom, daredevil as I am with art, I would love to try watercolouring once but .... simply do not know how to start with it.
Second, and very important to me, is that I have no real budget for extra artistic investments, I even recycle canvasses and my paint consumation is very strictly limited. I am afraid (justified or not? I have no idea) it might be a costly thing.
Am I right? I have no clue!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I can only tell you from my experience Voy. Initially I bought a small box with watercolors on Amazon (Van Gogh was the brand, colors in blocks). I can't remeber but it cost around 20 Euros. And I bought an A4 sized cheap watercolor paper and some very cheap nylon brushes. All in all this was around 40 Euros in total. But later on I had some issues with the quality of the material. The colors were quite good, but I prefer them in tubes, especially for bigger formats it is nice to have them sof already instead of mixing the color for minutes with water to get enough. Second issue were the brushes. For me Goat hair brushes are an absolute must (not for the line and wash but for normal watercolor paintings). Also the low quality nylon brushes didn't work. but the most important part is the paper. There is a saying: "You can't paint good watercolors without good watercolor paper". In watercolor the paper (or call it the surface) is more important than in any other medium I have worked with. I found the best to the best price is Winsor and Newton cold pressed cellulose. (Not the professional one) But even here a small block A5 with 12 sheets costs around 15 Euros.
Then I bought the colors in tubes later on, the cost depends on the pigment. Some colors you get for 4 Euros per tube, others can cost 10 Euros.
I hope it is not confusing...

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Not confusing at all Tom, thanks so much for this info!!
I believe my daughter (the better artist in the house!) might have some watercolors so will try to lend that and give it a very shy try. Who knows, this might becoming my thing!!

Till next one Tom, stay safe and take care!

Sunnylady Community Darling

Tom, thanks! I did not know about Turner. I also doubt I saw his works, but with my love to museums statistically it probably has happened. I think during this year in quarantine I acquired a lot of knowledge and my next museum adventure will be quite full of interesting discoveries and new points of view at art. I hope to get to Hermitage in Saint Petersburg in couple of weeks. Keeping fingers crossed it will work out.

I did not know that this techniques is specialized in small sizes. I however was thinking about A4, not bigger. I think miniatures of A5 size work awesome, I thought with bigger size it will be more awesome :)

I am surprised to hear about paint by numbers comparison, this is just because people might be not good at drawing , I see that would work as a excuse.

Thanks for sharing this absolutely new angle for me about line and wash art!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

@ Sunnylady. Hermitage is a GREAT idea, did that one myself in 2012. It is huge but so much to see!
And yes, they have one William Turner there (oils) but not really my personal favourite.
Hope you will be able to go!!!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: I have done some line and wash in A4 size: "Barn in winter", "Late Autumn", "Sitting in front of an old barn", "Colosseum in Rome" and "Another lonely place" are those I shared here in A4 format.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Sorry not "barn in winter", it is "Winter farm"

Felix Creator of

"However maybe there is more interest as I assumed."

Tom, this is probably the understatement of the year :D

I've just checked and your profile has been the 15th most visited page of in the last 30 days. This includes all paintings, blog articles, guides and everything else :)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Well Felix, you are Austrian too. If I e.g. say: "This is not bad", then I mean it is really, really good :D
But anyhow thanks for the information, it gives me for sure motivation to paint more and to improve my skills.

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