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Original Creation

Lonely Little Store

Tom0779 08 Oct 2020

This is A4 sized on cold pressed watercolor paper from Winsor an Newton. It is line and wash. To finish a painting like this I need about 4 hours overall. It was a YouTube tutorial I followed and it may be the start for some other urban scenes. Let's see.

Watercolors Markers


Sunnylady Community Darling

It is spectacular painting Tom! I can see this is about cast away building that is rejected by others, but it does not want to be lonely and tries to reach out through that power lines to us ( to viewers).

Details are absolutely great! Colors are great!

Fantastic painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Sunnylady wrote it all!
And I want to add the great scenery at the back and specially the three dimensional effect you reached here.
Out of this world Tom!!

This is a real memory lane painting Tom. Takes me right back to my childhood. I remember looking at the telegraph pole out of the bedroom window. There was also a patch of wasteland to one side of it where more houses once stood before ww2. And I had forgotten about it but there were 2 blocks of flats a few streets away. In the next street there was a corner shop very similar to this one which sold second hand motorcycle parts. There was always a man stood in the doorway with an oily rag in his hand. Very interesting painting Tom, look forward to seeing more.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot for all your support, Sunnylady, Voy Kay and TheLandscapePainter. Just in case you are interested to see a bit from the work process of the painting, I added a picture of the finished drawing. On this I applied the watercolors and all missing details at that stage were added after the watercolors using a pen again.
@Sunnylady, I think you are right and I re - name the title of the painting. to little lonely store.
@TheLandscapePainter: Nice to hear that the picture wakes some memories in you.

What do you refer to when drawing pictures these days? Real landscape or your imagination?
The brightness of the building is wonderful, so it has a very three-dimensional effect.
Nicely done!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you Jin. Most of my paintings here are done after YouTube tutorials, this here too. It's like following a Bob Ross instruction for me. Some of my paintings are done after photos or "on location". I am afraid my imagination isn't that strong to compose my own scenes like e.g. Sunnylady or Voy Kay do.

Goodness Tom, I think you have outdone yourself on this one! There are so many little details, I had to spend quite some time really studying this one. Like @TheLandscapePainter, it brings back some memories for me, but from travels into impoverished areas in the Mid-West and Eastern bits of the United States in my early 20's. I like the little fan above the door, the attention to detail on shading, everything! Interesting way to make your signature look like a natural part of the building too!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks doggymommee8301. To place the signature there was an idea I came across because I didn't find a really good place for it, so I thought why not put it there :)

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