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Original Creation

Rusty old bus

Tom0779 09 Jan 2021

Today I started with something I wanted to try since some time: painting vehicles. I found several tutorials for line and wash technique on YouTube (this was done after a tutorial) and I think this is the first of a series of vehicle paintings I will do in the next weeks.
Paper is very small format 10 x 15 cm, 100% Cotton cold pressed from Arches. All my watercolors are from Winsor & Newton.
I am sorry that I am not able to produce better photos of my paintings, especially from these small formats.

Watercolors Markers


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

There's Franquin again!

You did well Tom and a whole new step into your portfolio!
Mind you, the right rear tyre is not touching the ground, or was this on purpose?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks for the hint Voy, I corrected it. Please see the new uploaded picture. Thanks for your attention.

Felix Creator of

I cant wait to see more!

Maybe you could upload a picture with an everyday object next to the painting too? I'd love to see the scale of these. Of course I know how big they are, but seeing them next to an everyday object gives a whole other feeling of scale

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

So glad you helped that out Tom. Mind you, I did not wanted to be picky you know, yet it just caught my eye and it was disturbing the whole of that wonderful van/bus.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I added a picture with one of my fine liners I use in my line and wash paintings. Just in case someone is interested in the pens I use, I can recommend these for line and wash, they are waterproof and you get them for a price which is ok.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Hey Voy, I really appreciate critics. I know I am not a professional artist and I try to improve with every new painting. Only critic comments help me to correct thing I didn't see and help me to improve.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

This is the kind of postcard I always want to recieve!! 😄😉

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Voy, regarding the format, I have an Arches watercolor pad with 20 sheets in format 15 x 30 cm. I thought I do some panoramic formatted beach scenes or something similar, but then I discovered the line and wash technique. Here I think the format doesn't work too good, so I cut a 15 x 20 cm sheet into a 10 x 15 cm and a 15 x 20 cm piece. This gives me two suitable sheets of this wonderful paper to work with.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

An excellent idea friend Tom. AND double the fun for us to admire your endeavours! 😊

Sunnylady Community Darling

Tom, you left me speechless. This is incredible painting! You surely thrive in this line and wash technique!

off to woodstock we go!!! lol This is amazing Tom

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks for your support Sunnylady and Toadi!

I feel like you should be painting scenes for a book, i love these, so real and descriptive.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot for the feedback Mrs C. I am glad you like the painting.

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