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Original Creation

View from my home office 2

Tom0779 23 Aug 2020

Recently I uploaded a painting with the view from my desk in home office. Yesterday I discovered a new watercolor tutorial on YouTube. It was about how to create a (almost) night feeling by painting just the silhouette of the building etc. and there where just two colors to use: indigo and raw sienna. I thought why not apply it to my personal scene. This is the outcome on A5 watercolor paper.



lightsnow Community Helper

This is really beautiful. Well done! Striking contrast.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks lightsnow. I am happy that you like it.

Really great job with this. I love it.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Jin for your continued support 😀

Your watercolors are really lovely and it makes me want to give it a try. Any suggestions on starting out supplies or tutorials?

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you Lilikins. Well I started to paint 1 year ago, and I started with watercolors. At the beginning I followed in my paintings mostly the YouTube channel from Irish painter Frank Clarke. He explains the basics for very beginners. Also there is a 1 hour special on how to start and which materials you need.
Later on I developed my own way. I use the Ron Ranson Hake Brushes (made from Goat hair) as my big wash brushes, I have some high quality synthetic flat brushes and liner brushes. I prefer paintings in tubes, not in blocks. I mainly use "Schmincke" or "Windsor and Newton" colors. The most important part is that you buy very good quality paper. I didn´t believe it when they say, you need good paper to paint good water color, but the cheap one doesn't work, especially when you paint wet in wet, or dry in wet. The best is 100% cotton. Cold pressed is enough. But it also works when you take an other paper, like the one I also added a photo in my painting 'houses on a Hill". Also very funny option are watercolor pencils.
Hope that helps you a bit.

I didn’t even know watercolor pencils were a thing! I love how I’m always learning new things on this site. Thank you for the tips! I will have to give them a try :)

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