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Original Creation

Winter cottage

Tom0779 13 Oct 2021

After having painted around 120 episodes from the joy of painting with acrylics I finally decided to learn painting with them from scratch. Meaning this is my first acrylics painting I did after a tutorial for acrylics. Of course I have already some experience but I think learning to paint with this medium should be done by following acrylics painters.
Overall I am happy with the result. Maybe not all of you like this scene but I would like to hear some opinions about the picture.
I painted this on paper format 24 x 30 cm. I did only sketch the house with pencil and lost the perspective a bit. I have no good quality brushes for acrylics, if someone has some experience please let me know. My paints are from W & N.



Oh my goodness. THIS. IS. AWESOME. I don't even want to add anything to that statement for fear of taking away from this. 👍👍

I love this scene and think you did a terrific job! I barely notice the issue with your perspective, and probably would not have thought about it had you not mentioned. The background (faded tree line) and trees are great! Cabin and details are super. The windows + light in them is very well done. Love the thick snow on the roof and the icicles. As far as critique - I think I would eliminate most of the snow on the sides of the chimney because to me it is distracting a bit. I think the light reflection glows in the snow should fade out a little bit more (not so "liney") and for fun you can add smoke coming from the chimney. Having said all of that - I love your work and I almost feel bad giving criticism 😮 Lovely painting!!

Okay, I have to add ONE was the perfect choice for the door. And I get the feeling this is a nostalgic scene from the fifties or from an old movie. Sorry. Technically, I added two things. My bad. Great painting.

Great job Tom

Super job! So awesome for acrylics!

Tom this is beautiful. I could stare at this all day. Nostalgic. Holiday vibe too. Haven’t messed with acrylics yet but I’m definitely becoming curious about implementing that into painting. Well done

I love it! You’ve really captured the snow laden trees and the warmth inside. It looks like a Christmas card.

Absolutely fabulous, I love everything about it. Those frosty background trees set the scene beautifully.

I love this Tom...trees are great, cabin is the icicles and bursts of the whole thing

Great decision Tom! This is great you decided to follow some acrylics tutorials! I tried 4 BR episodes with acrylics and I realized I had issues with me and with acrylics as they drove me mad. Little I knew about them. I will follow your advice and will follow some tutorials too when I get to my acrylics.
Did you learn something new from this tutorial that you kinda did not consider consciously in your 120 episodes?
Yes, I can see perspective is slightly off, but not a big deal. I think I agree with @flippergirl about light from windows.
It seems like trees are more artistic than the house and more freely done. Maybe snow on the roof is too ideally laid?

Overall this is great painting.
PS I always did acrylics on canvas and only couple of them on special paper which I hated as it was soaking water and drying even faster. Brushes - I have full range of synthetic brushes. Quite soft ones. And also a couple of stiff hog bristles for special effects.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you Alex for your kind feedback, I am glad for any feedback. So you can add as much things you want :)

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thank you Pam for your feedback. Don't worry about saying something regarding the painting. To me this means that you looked at it very exactly and this means the picture caught your interest. To me this is worth a lot.
Regarding the perspective. I am a fanatic for it and I think I do not face a lot of problems with it normally. In this case it has been a combination of two thing which made me loose it. Bad brushes and the fact that the acrylics covered my pencil sketch at the edges and I was a bit careless then. But overall it is not bad.
Well the thing with the 'snow' (I think this is more a melted stuff which ran down and has been frozen then again as the chimney cooled down) is that I feel it needs it. It gives the whole thing more shape as it gets quite dark behind there in this direction. I felt you can no longer see exactly where the chimney ends. So I think I will keep it that way.
Agree with the light in the snow. But have to say this is an underpainting. Meaning the white has been painted over the yellow and pink color. I thought it would be more opaque here to get that away. But as it dries the hard lines came up. Honestly I didn't see this but will correct it once I paint with acrylics again.
Once again, thanks for looking at the painting so closely.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Matt for your continues support. I think this kind of scene would fit your paintings style very well.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Sandy for your attention and feedback. I think, except blending colors, acrylics work similar than oils. Plus you cannot mix mud as they dry so fast.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Happyisland for your comment. You might want to give it a try, as mentioned above they are a bit different from oils but I like them too. I think they are not too difficult to learn.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks FVG, you are right. This could be a Christmas card as well. I think we give this in one of our frames we have and we can change paintings on paper for the winter season.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks TLP for your continued support. It is interesting that the background trees seem to catch the attention of several people here. I think they are really easy to create, you only need to ensure that the paint is mixed with sufficient white and care of a basic shape. And you get the effect. But thanks again for your attention.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot Toadi. I am glad you like the picture.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks Sunnylady for your comment. Well I have been entirely self taught with acrylics until this one. Meaning I didn't watch any tutorial before I just followed Bob but only with acrylics. Trust me I also got frustrated sometimes at the beginning, especially as I always tried to blend the colors like Bob did. But I don't like to give up and I like to challenge myself a bit. Well yet I think most of my paintings I posted at the beginning are really bad. However it has been a huge learning process.
Here the approach is totally different. I first choose this one as it has no sky in it. This is the only part I am worried when I paint acrylics, else I think it is the easiest medium of the three I paint with. (If you ask me I think watercolor is the most difficult one, but also the most fun one for me). I learned to use a lot of paint on the brush and to paint with smaller brushes. This is yet the main thing I learned.
Well yes the perspective. I mentioned it up to the comment to flippergirl. Next time I refine the pencil drawing once I am done with the background. And I have to buy better brushes I guess. But I do not want to use my good watercolor brushes there. Also mentioned the thing with the light up, I will go over it. No big deal here.
I always use a paper especially for acrylics and oil paintings. It doesn't soak in the color and has a canvas texture. I do not want to paint every picture on canvas or canvas panel, this needs too much storage space. And I think it works well too.
Well trees grow free, whereas houses do not :) This is the contrast I like. Thats why my favorite scenes are buildings in nature.
I have a bit problems with the titanium white. To me it is not opaque enough. Even it is good quality from W&N.
However I will follow for sure other tutorials for acrylics, I hope biweekly. And I have an crazy idea about painting in mixed media, i.e. watercolors background painting and acrylics details. I guess this would work for Bob Ross recreations as well. I think maybe this is one of the future projects.

@Tom - your crazy idea sounds very intriguing! I tried to self teach myself too. But it was not going the way I wanted for landscapes. I had a lot of classes with wine glass in hand were we painted acrylics , they gave me few ideas. But I wanted landscapes, more classical and less modern.

May be TW has some other pigments in it? You can add acrylic gesso in the game to make it more opaque. For building when you do pencil drawing you can enforce it with black acrylic paint. Even if you add some paint on top it will be still slightly seen through the layers.
Worst disaster in acrylics was green color. It was never opaque and all brands I tried kinda peeled of the canvas when layer of green got too thick.

Totally agree about water colors. They are most difficult. But what you do is fantastic! This is because you have your level of a good challenge with them. Good level of challenge makes life more interesting!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Yes Sunnylady, I think the idea will follow. Maybe I give myself a Bob Ross challenge in watercolors & acrylics. I have already something on my mind, but I am so tight on time currently :(
To me it does not matter if art is classical or modern. If it is good, then I like it. I have seen paintings in acrylics which are awesome and they can easily compare with old classical artwork.
Yet I did no course in painting, I had planned to take a lesson at a certified Ross instructor last year but due to COVID it didn't took place. So I teach myself with tutorials from YouTube. I am happy with the same.
I am not sure about the TW, maybe it just needs two layers, I will go over it once I do acrylics again. I mix the green with a touch of yellow and white, it seems to be opaque enough then, at least for me.

Thanks for sharing advice about yellow, white and green. Did not think about it at that time. But will remember it going forward.

I hope you will take your class soon and that we will be done with COVID.

NilRochaArt Professional Artist

Nice, Tom!!!!!

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

Thanks a lot Nil.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

@Sunnylady: I use Azo Yellow. This is an opaque yellow and it mixes well with e.g. sap green without making it look to yellow. If I want it more yellow I mix in lemon yellow (transparent).
However as acrylics darken a bit of additional white is never wrong for the highlight greens.

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