So You Want To Buy A Bob Ross Painting

Long story short: Original Bob Ross paintings are so expensive, you could use the money and buy yourself something like this instead..

Everyone that painted along with Bob Ross knows the wonderful feeling of creating something out of thin air, hanging it on the wall, and have people marvel at your talent. While nothing can match the almost therapeutic buzz you get from painting your own masterpieces a lot of us have thought about buying an original Bob Ross painting.

A painting by Bob himself is just something else. Painting along with him is easy, but how hard can it be to buy one? There are over 400 episodes of ‘The Joy of Painting’ and Bob did three copies of every painting on the show. So there should be over 1200 paintings from the TV show alone out there, and some of them just have to be on eBay or some other website.

So you open up your favorite search engine, try your luck with something like “Buy Bob Ross Painting” and are greeted with pages upon pages of Bob Ross replica paintings. Lots of people that probably started painting in their living room, following Bob’s instructions with some cheap paint, not expecting that one day they will earn a pretty penny with their new hobby.

eBay doesn’t look much better either:

Beautiful paintings, but they all are just done in “Bob Ross Style”, none of them are done by Bob himself. So for the average person the question “Can I buy a Bob Ross painting?” has a definite answer: No.

It is rumored that in his lifetime Bob made over 30.000 paintings. What happened to them all? Why is it so hard to find an original Bob Ross painting on sale? Here is what Bob said about some of them:

“One of the questions that I hear over and over and over is, ‘What do we do with all these paintings we do on television?’ Most of these paintings are donated to PBS stations across the country. They auction them off, and they make a happy buck with ‘em. So if you’d like to have one, get in touch with your PBS station, cause…we give them to stations all over the country to help them out with their fundraisers.”

What happened to the other thousands of paintings Bob did outside of the TV show isn’t known, but if you’re lucky and look hard enough you might come across an eBay listing like this:

So, an original Bob Ross for sale might cost you a few thousand dollars, but at least there is free shipping! This particular painting also includes a letter from the original owner who used to be stationed with Bob in the US Air Force Base in Alaska.

The best way for you and me to have a Bob-Ross-Style painting on your wall is to grab your brushes and paint it yourself. Get yourself one of the many Bob Ross Painting Kits ( the Master Set is especially great!) , take a few hours out of your day, relax with Bob’s calming voice and create your own little paradise on canvas. Nobody who ever tried painting with Bob regrets it.

And who knows, maybe one day your own paintings will sell for several hundred dollars on eBay or hang in galleries on their own.

We have written a guide to get you started with the wonderful joy of painting, which you can find here.

If you think you have an original Bob Ross painting or are about to buy one, you can send a mail to and ask them to verifiy if it was really done by Bob Ross himself.

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  1. I can’t imagine owning an original painting from Bob Ross. He brought to life my imagination as a kid with paint,brush,and visionary talent. A tree here. A lake there. Maybe a waterfall? I am interested in purchasing . Any info will be greatly appreciated.

        1. Hi just saw your post about Bob Ross painting. Ma I I see a picture please? How much as you asking?

    1. Hello,

      I own an original Bob Ross oil painting of a mountain arctic landscape and am looking to sell the work. If you are still interested please feel free to email me at or call at 407-739-3068.

      1. hey adam,
        my names Will and i am very interested in buying an original bob ross painting but im not trying to spend more than 100$. I know his originals typically go for over 200$+ but if you are willing to sell for a little cheaper i will definitely buy from you… if you want to sell to me just message me here and we can figure out a better way to contact each other.

        thank you for your time adam,
        -Will R

        1. You’re more likely to spend ten times that amount. You’re not going to find anything for less than several thousand dollars. I don’t know where you for the idea that they were going for so little! Best of luck in your search, though.

      2. If this is still available please email me at or call or text 270-627-0252. My wife is a huge Ross fan and I’d like to buy her one. Thanks

      3. I just spoke with Adam and he was very knowledgeable and helpful! The painting he referenced above is no longer for sale.

      1. Do you still have the Bob Ross painting? If so, please email pictures to keith (at) haysfamily (dot) org. Do you have a way to authenticate it is an original?

  2. If I can ever find one I will take out a hefty loan for it. That is a priceless piece of history for me and would be worth every penny. Value goes up with time so is it really a waste of money? No.

    1. We would strongly advise against buying a Bob Ross painting as an investment.
      Nearly 100% of the worth of a Bob Ross painting depends on two things:
      1. his popularity
      2. the rarity of the paintings
      So what happens if someone in Alaska finds a vault in his basement that contains 5000 Bob Ross paintings? Or some Weinstein-like news surface? Your investment is gone.

      If you’d like to own a painting because you like Bob Ross that is another thing. But we’d still think it wouldn’t be a good idea taking a loan for it.

      1. By that logic you should never invest in any artist though I do agree with the quantity issue he did duplicate his paintings three times for the show and his how to books. I wouldn’t worry about the Weinstein scenario too much because by most accounts that hackfraud Picasso was a class A abusive sociopath towards women and his garbage painting still sell for millions.

      2. You’ll never here Weinstein-like news surface. He was everything he portrayed on TV in real life. He was that person.

    2. We have a Bob Ross painting that we want to sell. My father in law bought many years ago at an art gallery. He had a letter of authenticity and a picture of Bob Ross standing with the painting. Over years of moving, he lost them. After he past away, my husband inherited it and we would like to sell it. I can email you pictures of it and his signature.

      1. Mary,

        Do you still have the Bob Ross painting?

        Thank you,


      2. Hi Mary, I am interested in your original Bob Ross painting. Would you please contact me? Thank you, K Welsh

      3. I’d like to purchase one. Please email me at rainbowunicornaep at

      4. Do you still have some? I would be interested in getting one for my son.

      5. Hello Mary,
        My grandsin is learning to lice art and Bob Ross has become his favorite. If you do still gave the painting please let me know as well as what you’d like for it as I know he’d be overjoyed to have one. Sorry to disturb you, but hopeful.

      6. Did you sell your painting?
        I would be interested in talking to you about it. Thanks!

      7. I am very interested in bob ross painting if you have one for sell. I have done a lot of research and know the going price. Please send pictures and price if you still have it for sale thank you Shawn

        Sent from my iPhone

      8. Dear, are you still thinking about selling the bob Ross’? I’d love to buy it for the right price, i’m a young lady who’s boyfriend is going trough cancer, he gets his peace of mind by watching the jou of painting, so if i could buy this, it would mean the world to me (us)
        I’d like to hear from you!
        Kind regards.

    3. Hello Haley,

      I have a wonderful original painting by Bob Ross I am currently selling. Please let me know if you are still interested in acquiring one.

      Kind regards,
      Adam H

  3. I have a original Bob Ross title Night Light that I am selling.

    1. Very interested, would love this for my mother. please email me blackoakbakery (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Is it still available?

      How much are you selling?

      Where’s the location?

      Thank you very much!

    3. Hello! I’m interested in hearing about your original Bob Ross. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you!

      1. Ive got an original Bob Ross titled ocean breeze one of the only times he painted palm trees that I won at a raffle at a PBS auction signed by Bob with a picture with him as well serious inquiries only

        1. Is the painting still available and if so can you send pics and a price

        2. Hello, I am very interested. Please email me with details if it is still available.

    4. I am very interested in bob ross painting if you have one for sell. I have done a lot of research and know the going price. Please send pictures and price if you still have it for sale thank you Shawn

      Sent from my iPhone

    5. Do you know what year the painting was done? Can you send me a picture of it?

  4. We own several of Bob’s paintings and his gold pans because my dad was his boss in Alaska. They are very sentimental to our family and we won’t sell them because he was one of my dad’s best friends. I’m sure many people who lived in Alaska and bought his art there feel the same way. Once they pass away, the families will start selling them.

    1. Hello Angel! I’m interested in hearing more about the original Bob Ross paintings that you own. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you!

  5. I have an original Bob Ross signed framed oil of an Alaskan Mountain and lake scene I would like to sell .. My mother was a good friend of his.. They fished together in Alaska

      1. Are you interested in buying an original Bob Ross? I have two that were painted at the same time and are likely the first two ever sold by Bob Ross. They are signed and dated January 1965,

    1. I will be willing to pay a premium for this. It’s a gift for my father.

      1. I have an original, signed twice. Inscribed and signed on the back also. It’s an Alaskan mountain scene. What premium are you willing to pay?

    2. Very interested Bob Ross fan here!!! Please email me at tim (dot) horgan9 (at) gmail (dot) com

    3. Very interested in your bob Ross paintings. You can email me at bayoustudio (@) gmail (dot) com

    4. Hey,

      Interrested in buying!

      How much?

      Where is it located?


    5. Hello, I would be interested in purchasing your painting signed by bob ross.

    6. Hello Charbaby! I’m interested in asking you a few questions regarding your original Bob Ross paintings. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you!

    7. Hi Mary,
      Do you still have your Bob Ross paintings?
      Best wishes,

  6. Hello! I’m also interested in any Bob Ross paintings that might be available for purchase. Have been a huge fan for years.

    Please feel free to email me- chedellskollar3 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thank you!

  7. Charbaby,

    Whom ever you decide to sell Bob’s painting to, please consider allowing those of us who are from the land he loved to retain his gifts to the world. Bob did such an excellent job of conveying the magic, peace and joy of the Alaskan interior to the world, and he holds a special place in our hearts. Those of us from the Kenai Peninsula, the Matanuska Valley, and all the villages along the Parks highway consider his works a part of our heritage. If it is not too late, please consider allowing me to try and obtain matching funds to whatever buyer you’re considering. Mr Ross’ work reminds us of our love for our native lands. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

  8. I am interested in purchasing a Bob Ross original for my daughter’s high school graduation. It blows me away that an 18 year old girl is interested in his show, “The Joy of Painting”, quotes him often and has a Bob Ross original at the top of her wishlist. Then again, I see how calming his show is to her and that makes his paintings an invaluable representation of tranquility in this fast-paced, high-tech, busy world!

    Thank you for contacting me-
    Brooke (at) campgladiator (dot) com

  9. Will pay top dollar for any bob ross original painting forecastedinvestments (at) gmail dot com

  10. I’d love a Bob Ross painting. Email me at shailee.sewell (at) gmail (dot) com thanks!

  11. I have a 1982 original Ross from the World’s fair in Knoxville. He painted 2 at the exhibit. It is 36× 24. Much larger than what he painted on the show. It is my prize possession but if price was right i might sell. d.muiznie (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hello David!

      I’m really interested in hearing more about your original Bob Ross work. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you.

      Thank you!

  12. Bob Ross saved me many a time asb soldier with PTSD knowing thus former D.I. could be a calming force helped me know that it can and will get better bob is more than a great artist. He knew to silence the screams you just need a whisper and a happy little tree… Thank you, Bob,

    Ssgt Martin, B

  13. Looking for an original Bob Ross painting please. Inhisbeauty (at) aol (dot) com

  14. I have a large format Ross original (about 4×7 feet). I was one of Bob’s “drinking buddies” prior to his passing. The last project he started working on was making a large painting on stage in Branson at Hank Snow’s venue. I built a power easel that would let him paint a tree by holding his brush still while he stepped on a foot pedal. At this point in my life I’m ready to part with this huge pix as it is too big for my house. He only completed 12 of these big pix and mine is the only one not in the hands of family or company. Any interest out there?

    1. Hello Gary!

      I’m really interested in hearing more about your relationship to Bob Ross. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you!

    2. Gary,
      Did you sell the painting? Interested if I can get it authenticated. G(dot)waits(at)yahoo(dot)com

    3. I’m interested in your paintings made by your friend Bob. I grew up watching him on TV and he inspired me to be a painter by trade.
      How can I get in contact with you sir?


    4. Mr. Munson,
      That’s amazing! Please contact me at theolemle (at) gmail (dot) com. I am seriously interested in purchasing this piece from you. Thank you!
      Be well,

  15. I too am interested in purchasing and paying a premium for an Orgibal Bob Ross Painting; as it will be a gift. I would greatly appreciate a Seller or two emailing me:
    Thanks in advance! Any thoughts? J

  16. I really want one. One day I will be the proud owner of one of these iconic paintings.

  17. Does the price of the paintings fluctuate very much?

  18. Hello I paint bob ross paintings if u are interested check my art faceboook gallery DomenisArt.
    I have painted close to 10 paintings of Bob and will be ready for sale soon and am preparing a few of them for framing and varnishing. Some of them I have given to family members. Sorry I don’t have originals of Bob but they are pretty close lol with practice. Bob’s my idol.

  19. We have an Bob Ross painting that my husband inherited. My father in law bought it at an art gallery many years ago. It is approx. 24×48. It I s in a beautiful frame. My father in law had a letter of authenticity and a picture of Bob Ross standing with the painting. Over the years he lost them. I have several pictures of this painting I can email.

  20. Hello everyone, I am an art dealer and am excited to let you all know that I currently have an original Bob Ross oil painting for sale. I have just sent everyone on this page that provided an email with images so if you are interested please feel free to send me an email or message and I will get you images and details. It is an arctic night mountain scape measuring 16 x 20 inches and an absolute beauty! iquire(at)henningfineart(dot)com

    Thank you all,

    1. Hello! I’m very interested in seeing the painting and asking about it! Also if anyone else has any other paintings I would love if you got in contact with me! (cruzrebecca03 “at” yahoo “dot” com)
      It’s a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves Bob Ross. Thank you ahead of time for anyone who does get in contact!

    2. If this is still available can you contact me please! I’m really trying to get an original for my husband he’s such a die hard fan of Bob Ross. (cruzrebecca03 “at” yahoo “dot” com)

  21. I truly truly hope to someday own a Bob Ross original so if there’s anyone else who interested in selling one, please reach out – littledumble (at) gmail dot com

  22. I have an original Bob Ross painting. I would sell it for the right price if any interest.

  23. I have one, how do I know it’s legitimate? I inherited it from my late husband’s grandmother. It has his name signed in the bottom left-hand corner and a number written on the back of the canvas.

  24. I just want to see a Bob Ross painting in high resolution detail! I guess I would need to buy one of his instructional books for that. They look so incredible for 30 minutes! But TV back then was not HD like now! I’m 27, artistic, but never broached painting because it was too hard/intimidating. I reckon Bob Ross might inspire me to try one day 😉

  25. Anyone selling a Bob Ross painting please email me!! Hannah(dot)eileen9714 (at) gmail
    I grew up watching him and am a huge fan. It would mean so much to me!
    Thank you.

  26. I am very intested in any Bob Ross originals. I grew up watching him and am a huge fan. It would mean so much to me. It is a dream of mine to someone be able to own one. He is an inspiration and someone I have always deeply admired. Please contact me if you or someone you know is interested in selling any!
    Thank you!!

  27. Hi, I am very interested in buying a Bob Ross original. I am wiling to pay 500 dollars at most. If you are interested in selling an original please let me know, and email me at
    thank you

  28. We unfortunately purchased a painting from a dealer claiming it was an original. We had it authenticated by The Bob Ross Co. Onlynto find out it was Most definetly Not a BR. We are heart broken and if any of you above still jave a Bobb Ross your selling please let me know as we would definetly be interested.

  29. Interested in an original by Bob ross. Please email with pictures and price. Thank you

  30. Dont know if this thread is still visited much but I too an looking for an original Bob Ross, any size or style. I still watch his reruns on PBS and for 30 years have always admired his work. My email is:

  31. Very interested in a real authentic Bob Ross painting. Will pay cash. My wife is a huge fan of his and I wanna surprise her for our 8 yr anniversary this coming April.

  32. Big Fan and I would also like to purchase an original Bob Ross painting. If you have one, please contact me at, posted 12/16/2018. Have a “Happy Day”, Thanks!

  33. Did Bob Ross ever do a commercial were his head was in a cut out of a painting?? If he did I might own it.

    Any help with authentication of this piece would be appreciated.

    Lee Lee,

    Many Thanks.

  34. I’m very interested in buying an original Bob Ross painting. Please email pics and price (

  35. If anyone is still selling one in 2019, I’m a seriously interested buyer. Please email me at oregonsummers (@) gmail (dot) com.

  36. I tried when I was younger to paint with Bob Ross. Never came out even ok. I was always better with a pencil in my hand. I would love to paint even a hair of Bob.

  37. I am a serious private art dealer looking to purchase original works by Bob Ross. Please contact me directly to discuss a fast and easy transaction! Professionalism and discretion for every transaction! Contact me at or call me at 407-739-3068


  38. I am very interested in bob ross painting if you have one for sell. I have done a lot of research and know the going price. Please send pictures and price if you still have one for sale thank you Shawn

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. I’m looking to buy a bob ross painting
      Please email me if you know where I can get one

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