On Saturday Dec. 19, 2020 I was lucky enough to attend a Bob Ross Workshop in Muncie, Indiana.  It was so much fun and it was the first time I ever used oil paints.  The two CRI's were Doug Hallgren and Eddie Cuervo.  It was a small class because of the virus and we painted Mountain Reflections season 12 episode 2 on a 24 x 18 canvas.  I only got to attend because of last minute cancellations, which is rather sad..

Picture from Workshop

Painting with only mountains

Left to Right: Doug Hallgren, Me with my completed painting, Eddie Cuervo

Sadly my painting no longer looks so nice.  In the car ride home my painting had an unhappy accident when it met an umbrella.  The umbrella rolled across it smearing some of the paint.  I will be getting a small set of bob ross oil paints to hopefully repair the painting.

Repaired Painting