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Deals on Bob Ross Supplies

To help you save money when buying painting supplies we're keeping track of current deals on
Prices may include shipping and offers by third party sellers, but most of the time they are still pretty sweet deals.
We update prices and deals twice a day, but can't promise to get them right at all times. We too make some happy little accidents from time to time.

Buy now, save 41%

15 Inch Palette

This palette is bigger than your standard ones and perfect for the wet-on-wet technique.

$12.99 $7.69
Buy now to save $5.3

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Adjustable Easel

Perfect for floor stand or tabletop display. Folds to only 21" for easy storage and transporting. A great easel for starting out!

$25.99 $20.99
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Buy now, save 18%

Painting Knife #10

With a solid base and a blade made from metal this knife was designed to paint perfect mighty mountains.

$14.99 $12.36
Buy now to save $2.63

Buy now, save 16%

Bob Ross Basic Paint Set

A brush, a knife, liquid white and 5 colors: everything you need to paint your first painting with Bob Ross.

$54.99 $46.07
Buy now to save $8.92

Buy now, save 14%

Fan Brush #6

A trusty friend in Bob's toolkit. This one is used for everything from trees to clouds and shouldn't be missing in anyone's collection.

$11.02 $9.51
Buy now to save $1.51

Buy now, save 11%

Two Inch Blender Brush

The most important brush for the wet-on-wet technique. If you want to paint like Bob you have to get this. A must-have for every painter!

$18.99 $16.89
Buy now to save $2.1

Buy now, save 6%

Brush Beater Rack

Stick it in a bucket and beat the devil out of your brushes! Easily removes paint and thinner from your brushes without ruining your walls.

$13.29 $12.5
Buy now to save $0.79

Buy now, save 5%

236 ml Liquid White

Used as a base coat in almost every painting and when mixing highlight colors this one is definitely worth buying in bulk.

$16.74 $15.91
Buy now to save $0.83