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Discover the Joy of Painting Upload your first painting
Practice makes perfect Upload 5 different paintings
Master of the Craft Upload 20 different paintings
My Two Cents Leave your first comment
Getting Friendly Leave a comment on 10 different paintings
Pillar of the Community Leave a comment on 50 different paintings
The Alpha... Paint the first episode of the first season
... and the Omega Paint the last episode of the last season
A whole Season Paint every episode in a season
Every Season Upload a painting from every season
Believe in Yourself... ... and not superstition. Paint the 13th episode of a season.
The Human Form Paint a Bob Ross Painting with a person in it (no guest painters)
Friend of the People Paint all Bob Ross paintings with a person in them (no guest painters)
Colorblind Painting Upload a painting that uses only 3 colors
My Son Steve Upload a painting done by Bob's son Steve