Hi Jeffth   

Let me say it is totally up to you what you will want to accept and what not. 

I am not an expert in water and I did not finish my water class with oils due to health concerns. 

I did not want to remove baby tree but it was easier to try to convey the idea without it. So if you decide to implement anything from it just better/easier repaint the whole painting. 

I tried to bring sky color in the water in distant part of the pond. I did not put shore lines. Revision of water triggered revision of the tree values. ( I need to say I am still not quite satisfied with resolution on trees, but you can read further why).

I would try to keep distant lake bigger to avoid those curves and trying to fit them into perspective. So I tried to make horizontal line for the shore. 

I assumed there is forest there and against the sunset it would be quite dark at the base, but not black at all.

tops of the trees: I tried to make them lighter a bit to show how sun shines through. 

However after struggling I came to conclusion that the yellow of the sky is too open and adjusting distant trees will require more work. And perhaps they will need to be taller for perspective to work better? 

In the closest pond I had to kill that blue tint as it did not correspond to the sky colors. 

I hope any of this will help.