Since I started to add little animals or interesting elements to my compositions, I got a lot of questions on how to create them with such precision. Here is how:

Tools needed:


1. Once you have decided on the element(s) you want to add, do a silhouette search of the item(s) on the web. Lots of different designs will pop up. I always print 3 different sizes to choose from to see which one will fit my painting best. Keep in mind to go for something simpler rather than too complex. It will ease the template making process. If you own a "Cricut" machine to make cutout/stickers, it will make template making a lot easier and a complex design can be then created.Β 


2. Cut with lots of precision the outline of your design. Take your time. The outside edges are the important part of your template.


3. Put the template on the desired emplacement on the canvas (easier if wet. But can be done on a dry painting). Once on it, you may have to hold it with a finger or end of a script liner brush.Β 


4. Remove the paint inside of your template with a cotton swab. This will avoid mud mixing and frustration. πŸ˜‰


5.Β Load up a little your small mop brush with the main color of your add-on (details can be added after applying the main color. Do not remove the template if you want to add details to it. It will save you some headaches if you go over the edges). Do very gentle dabs inside of your template until ALL the area is covered. Make sure there is paint in the tiny spaces of the cutout. If you need to retouch it, carefully, put the template back on the canvas at the exact emplacement and proceed to the touch up carefully.



6. Remove gently the template using something like a knife. Make adjustments to the add-on if needed.Β 

7. Enjoy the result(s)!


8. If you need to reuse the cutout, simply clean it gently with a paper towel infused with paint thinner. This will not weaken the paper template.Β 

I hope this will help you enhancing your compositions. For some, this maybe a real bravery test. But it is well worth it! You will be very happy with the end result(s). Do not fear to wreck your wet painting by putting the template on it. It will be easily fixable if some paint has been disturbed slightly.Β 

Have fun! Can’t wait to see your add-ons! Please reach out if you have any questions. I am always here to help. You can also email me if you prefer a more private conversation. 😊