Uploading pictures of your beloved paintings hold no secrets to practically all of us, yet there are some things you might consider to improve your picture quality so that they really come out for the best.

I like to share some of my befindings, tips and tricks with you. Please enjoy!


1. A freshly oil painted canvas can use some drying time for the colours to really set. On numerous occasions, I noticed that a freshly painted creation changes its shade and/or value after one or more days and that for the better. The painting has better resolution and more determined colours. So it is better to wait for some time to take that picture best suitable for uploading. Underneath is an example:


a. Picture taken minutes after the painting was finished.



b. Picture taken five days after the painting was finished. Mind you, I added another tree to the painting so please simply ignore that.




2. Location and position is everything from photographing a painting. Make sure the room or location is bright enough to avoid using a flashlight and definitely make certain that no false light can be spotted on the painting. With false light, I mean wall/ceiling lights or sunlight. Reposition the painting if necessary by either moving it around or just simply turning it for several degrees, until your painting is clear from disturbing glances or similar.


3. Adjust your camera and/or your photographing position to maximize the resolution of your pictures. It does help to adjust your camera to the most optimal set up. Also, you want to position yourself as close to the painting as possible (watch out for shadows!) to avoid having to zoom in or lose resolution by creating unnecessary distance towards your photographing object.


4. Take multiple pictures of your creation, preferably by simply adjusting or repositioning (height, width) yourself each time between shots. On your computer, you will thus have a choice of different pics and you can pick the best one for uploading.


Hope this article will be of help to you all! Happy painting/photographing everyone!