How to Paint mountains

If you want to Paint something like the Joy Of Painting Series  watch Bob's video and practice.

I think it will take some time to learn,but that is enough.

Bob has repeatedly explained this in the show.

However except Bob's description, I will explain little bit about this .

Mountain shape

When you form a mountain,it does not matter how you grab the knife.

it is interesting many beginners shape every mountain into a triangle.

If you notice it, change the shape little bit may make it look like a real.

Mountain highlights and shadows

When highlighting or shadowing mountains you need to grab the knife

very lightly with your thumb and forefinger,the other fingers just touch it,

during highlight the mountain ,do not touch the knife to the canvas

until last part.

Only the paint touches the canvas.

Use the weight of knife and your hand only guides the direction.

To paint an actual mountain

There are many other ways to paint the actual mountain.

In most cases shape of actual  mountains  are not simple as Bob did.

they are really complicated.

This is my own way. This time I choose Tateyama mountain range 


First determine the composition.

Divide the canvas vertically and horizontally into four equal parts and

mark them on the side of the canvas.


Use a pencil or charcole to sketch roughly,paying attention to the marks.

It is important to be able to see the dark parts of the mountains are the

subject of the sketch,excluding small details.

After sketching

Take a close look at the whole thing and fine-tune it ,such as the shape,

size,and height of the mountains. If you do not fix it at this stage ,

you may not be able to fix it later.

Fixative or Black gesso

Spray the fixative to fix the carbon on the canvas .

Painting liquid white without doing this will smear the canvas.

If you don't have a fixative, you can solve the problem by using black gesso 

to trace the line sketched and paint dark area that drew  the sketch .


Liquid White

Dry black gesso completely, apply liquid white as usual.

The part drawn with Black Gesso can be seen even after applying Liquid White.



Paint the sky with any color you want.


Deside the mountain color

It becomes whitish as you get further away. If you want to see the mountains

you paint far away, lighten the color and if you want to feel powerful near you,

darken the color.


At this stage, if there is a particularly dark part of the mountain, repaint the base color there.

Highlights and shadows

In most cases, acutual mountains are not as simple as Bob did.

Watch carefully which parts need highlights or shadows .

While checking the direction of light, add highlights and shadows.


After adding highlights and shadows ,add details with script liner brush .