Art journey?....i diden't realise i had been on one, but unwittingly it seems i may have and i suspect most people here have also. Today whilst rummaging through a old suitcase in which i keep my old school work i came across a painting i did as a young kid maybe 14-15, it's a painting by numbers wildlife scene (i have posted it, why not take a look) and for something that's 45 years old it still looks remarkably fresh. It occured to me that the joy of painting and drawing is instilled in us at a very young age and is often carried through our lives to some degree. I have always enjoyed drawing from an early age but it wasn't until i retired that i took up painting as a pastime. I remember a TV programme here in britain which was aimed at children, it was called " take Hart" presented by Tony hart, a likeable chap who would create artwork in the most innovative ways, i remember watching with fascination as he would create pictures using sugar or shells or maybe bottle caps. At school my favourite subject was art which also included pottery! ,my mum would stick my creations on the kitchen wall with great pride. Between the teenage years and middle age i would enjoy drawing but still never felt the inclination to pick up a paint brush until one day whilst channel hopping i came across a funny looking man with a curly perm who spoke in a quiet voice, his name was Bob and he was going to show me that i could paint with a minimum of talent or effort, Bob made it look easy and effortless and this was the catalyst that prompted me to paint. Whilst i know i am unlikely to prosper financially from painting i am most definitely a richer person spiritually and mentally....why not tell us your "journey"?