Just before X-mas 2020, I saw a giftbox in my local warehouse with a selection of 6 wine bottles in it. The wine was appealing yet the box took most of my attention. It was ferm, had a handle and a good size (14"x20"). Immediately, I thought of painting a Bob Ross recreation on it and also,  I found a destination for it and that was to contain my oil paint tubes.


The search for a suitable recreation began and my eye fell on 'Wooded stream oval'. The only thing I changed was that I used a black background (black gesso) iso a white one.

How to prepare such box for an oil painting? I looked and asked around, also read a few interesting things on the internet and asked our own box painting specialist from the community (LJMpaintings) for advice what resulted in an wonderful article from her.

Here are the steps that I took:

1. Prepare the surface.

For that, I used sandpaper after I had put some extra nails into the box, to be certain it can be manhandled well. While smooting the surface, I also rounded a bit the edges to avoid any future painful incidents when handlig the box.

Make sure it is cleaned very well afterwards with a slightly moistured cloth (no paper cloth!).

Use 'wood filler' if you have possible holes in it (from nails, staples or so) and again, sandpaper this and clean afterwards.

2. Apply the primer.

In my case, that was black gesso. Two to three layers (foresee sufficient drying times between layers), depending on how well the gesso is picked up by the wood. Very carefully sandpaper it between layers.



3. Preparing the painting.

In my case, I chose for an oval so took the measurements of that, cut an oval out of contact paper and stuck it onto the surface. A happy suprise was it for me to immediately notice that contact paper sticks much better to wood then to canvas. So absence of bleeders is practically guaranteed!

Make sure your easel is suitable to hold such case. The bigger the box, the less probable it will fit your easel.

Then apply the liquid white and/or liquid clear  on the surface. Happily start your painting!



4. Finishing touch.

This will depend on what your intention is with the box. Mine is too use it as a paint container so I will give it multiple layers of varnish after it had dried for several months.


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Voy Kay