Almost every painting that Bob does starts with magic white... What is it? Many people including myself were asking in the beginning. What if I don't have Bob Ross brand in the availability? Shall I forget about oil painting? The answer is NO. 

Here is the recipe of my home made Magic white. 

My Magic white is mix of titanium white, linseed oil and odorless paint thinner. 

Paint thinner can be turpentine or light oil fraction thinner( made from saturated hydrocarbons) from Hardware store in case everything is very bad in nearby hobby stores. 

I suggest quit using turpentine at all as it is made of hazardous chemical for  everyone's health benefit. If you cannot avoid using turpentine please make sure you are working in WELL ventilated area and have your window opened. Otherwise headache and dizziness are guaranteed. Who knows what else it brings if you use it often...

So objective is to make home-made magic white like the hair conditioner consistency. 

Mix linseed and paint thinner in proportion 50-50 in a small vial. Get approximately 1 table spoon of the mixture. 

Take your titanium white and add just a little. May be around quarter table spoon. Mix well. Check how the consistency is. Add more paint thinner+linseed mixture if needed. 

I shall explain what linseed does - it slows drying and makes paint more slippery.  Paint thinner, quite opposite, speeds up drying. 

After you test your first home made magic white by painting full painting you can adjust mixture for the next time. 

Decrease amount of linseed oil if you have it too slippery and even for clouds you mix mud. 

Decrease amount of paint thinner if it dries too fast and when you are finishing the painting it is almost like wet on dry. 

The same recipe you can use for liquid clear just do not add white color in it. 

Liquid clear allows to use clean colors in case you want to make it more dark or bright.

Good luck and happy painting!