Perspective is very important for painting

If you want to make a great master piece of  a representational painting ,not abstruct, you have to learn perspective.

What is perspective
Looking at the work uploaded here, I noticed that most, but not all, cabins and barns were not accurately drawn, so I decided to write an article on perspective. To draw these accurately, it is essential to learn perspective..

Perspective types
Perspectives include One Point Perspective, Two Point Perspective, Three Point Perspective, and Aerial Perspective, each of which you need to learn, but if you do not want to choose a complex composition, start with a One Point Perspective. You can also watch videos from each viewpoint at YOU TUBE. You can understand them easily than reading article.

Aerial perspective 

Aerial perspective is a methode in which objects appear paler as they

are farther away and darker colors appear near object.

For example,  when drawing a mountain , the further the distance, the lighter the color. Conversely, the color gets darker as you get closer. Even if you try to draw a distant mountain and draw the base color lightly, if the highlights and shadows are dark, it will not look far away.