If you're an avid painter like me, you'll understand the struggle of dealing with a dirty bucket of pigmented paint thinner. Not only does it fail to effectively clean your brushes, but it also has the unfortunate side effect of tinting the paint when used to thin the paint you're applying.

To solve this problem, I came up with a clever solution. Instead of constantly replacing my dirty thinner, I decided to pay a visit to Goodwill. There, I found a used Bunn coffee maker with the cone filter basket. Here's what I do when my thinner gets dirty: I simply place a filter in the coffee maker's basket and pour the dirty thinner into it. I let it run through the filter and collect in the carafe below.

Please note that it is extremely important to exercise caution when using this method. Under no circumstances should you plug in or turn on the coffee maker. Instead, pour the dirty thinner directly into the filter basket, not the water reservoir. Safety first!