I have to make a confession;  when I started painting with Bob, I beat my brushes.  I didn't know any better.  It's OK though, the brushes are in therapy and getting better.  Here is how I saved them.

After painting I give them a good rinse in mineral spirits and shake off the excess.  Next I wash them with a mixture of oil, dish soap and water (Tom Anderson recipe).  I give them a good dry with a old, beat up, extremely soft t-shirt.  Here's what they look like after:


The trick I use to get them back in shape is baby socks.  I use newborn size socks with the highest cotton content I can find.  I either snip a hole in the closed end or just cut it off.  The brush slips in one end, and out the other.


For the 1 inch brush, give the sock a good length wise stretch.  The sock gently holds the bristles in shape while they dry.  The cotton content is important because it will wick moisture out of the brush.  If I am not painting the next day, I put them in the storage drawer with the socks on for protection.  When I take them out to paint this is what they look like:


Hope it helps someone as much as it has me.

Article update:  Since posting this I have learned and tested "Soilove" that Nancy recommended.  Soilove is a laundry stain remover.  You can buy it on Amazon and other web sites and it is inexpensive (compared to brush cleaning solutions). It is a simple short soak procedure that removes paint that you never knew was there.  The brushes come out nearly new!