I merely wanted to share my reply to Tom0779's general question if some  kind of paintings fit to a Bob Ross fan site or not.

"Bob's message to all of us was to follow our artistic hearts, views and interests by means of all tools available. I'm sure he didn't care about what mediums would be used to achieve that.

Many of the photos from fans all over the world show other creations (people, animals, constructions ...) then his and he was always so proud to show them in an episode every now and then.

This site holds room for that since a clear distinction has been made between Bob Ross creations and others (originals).

Personally, I greatly dislike the fact that I could not broaden my horizons, frontiers on ANY art level. If this were to be a site that only accepts Bob Ross, I would be thrilled for a while but get bored, disillusioned and caught/emprisoned in the end."

Voy Kay