So I decided that I want to offer smaller paintings at a smaller price. I went out yesterday and purchased a pack of 9x 12 canvases.  Most people would look at a small canvas and think small area smaller work.. After painting this painting I can tell you smaller area just means so much more work.. A painting that I can pop out in 1 hour on a standard 18 by 24" canvas took almost 4 hours on the 9 by 12.   The amount of extra work and time that you have to put into the little canvas should actually make it cost more than larger ones. But that's not what I'm painting them for. I am painting them for whenever people comes by my booth with child.  I seen it happen so many times.. Small children standing there looking at my paintings,  wanting one. Most parents are not gonna pay 40 or $50 for a painting for their child.  So I wanted to paint smaller paintings at a more affordable price, so when one of those children really want 1 of my paintings, I can offer it to them or give it to them. I mean, isn't that the whole point of painting is to share the joy of painting? Just think about it, if my tiny Painting can inspire a second grader to start painting, wow , just imagine what they will do. 

 So I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't let size fool you. It may be small, but boy is it Mighty. 

I will have a continuing story and painting pictures to go along with this article. 

See ya soon.