On Nov 18, 2020 I went to Muncie, Indiana and visited Minnetrista going to the Bob Ross Experience.  It is well worth your time to go there if you can.  The people there are nice and the exhibit is superb.  Here are some photos from the exhibit.

This one is of a giant brush in the entrance


Here is the studio with Scenic Seclusion on the easel.


Studio with Rain coats and shirt


Paintings where future paintings from shows would have been kept.  These were done by CRI's who put personal stories on the back.  They can be handled.


An actual easel used with the effects of beating the devil out of it.


Brushes used by Bob.


A closer view of Scenic Seclusion on the easel.  Sorry about the glare.


A detailed view of Scenic Seclusion.  Note the knife marks that appear as twigs.



Colors of Nature painted by Bob Ross


I believe this one is Meadow Lake painted by Bob.


A close detail on how the knife was used to make branches of bushes and flowers.


This painting was hanging above a fireplace in a 1980's living room.  It is or is similar to Mirrored Images.


Detail of grass and knife marks on one above


In the living room it is or similar to Snowfall Magic


Hanging in the front hall this painting is a seascape by Bob Ross that hung in his home in Florida.


The living room in the exhibit


Going there was amazing and if you get the chance I would highly recommend it.  There is also a another exhibit running until Aug 31 2021 in Oakhurst the house next door, that is very good, with more Bob Ross paintings on display.  I believe both exhibits cost 15 dollars and are well worth it.  They hope to expand the experience upstairs where the studio is to include a gallery and a place for visitors to paint.

While I was there an NBC news crew was there covering the experience and interviewed Jim Needham the manager of the PBS station while Bob was there and friend of Bob Ross.  I was also interviewed which was fun and quite a surprise.

Thank you for reading this article it is rather long and if you are in Muncie, I highly recommend Concannon's bakery for great food and treats.

The story aired and is posted online at the local nbc channel 13 in Indianapolis.