Creating seaside paintings is never easy, mostly because of the waves. Luckely we have Bob's advice on that to help us creating some magnificent and stunning waves and views.

However I think some more foam could be used on top of the breaking waves, meaning some detailed water sparkles above and around them. In order to create those, I use a simple trick with some titanium white and a small wave brush, nr. 3 or less. Simply gently tap the wave brush into the paint, do make sure there is not a lot of it on the brush, and carefully start tapping, NOT BENDING, the brush on the canvas on or near the top of the wave. That way you will create extra dynamics on your waves, just be sure not to overdo it.




Brushes generally used:



I uploaded two pictures of two brushes that I use for this. One is a Bob Ross nr. 3 (or 6) with hard bristles, the other is a Chinese brand with soft bristles (different numbers).
I switch between those depending on what I want to do. For hard tapping, I use Bob's and for soft/gentle detailing, I use the softer fan brush.

This technique also works with falls where you can simply add some sparkles over misty foams.

Have a go at this tip and good luck!