Probably not everyone is pleased with any creations placed here other then Bob Ross recreations. So be it, everybody is entitled to their opinion, we all have different tastes, we all differ what we like or dislike.

I have long time chosen to TRY to be a complete artist without (m)any boundaries or restrictions. What I create is my own view, opinion, inspiration, innermost feeling, effusion etc... What I publish or share, that does have boundaries and I believe in that, so I cherish it. A great and respected community feeling, on this website or not, is 'a must' and I'm standing behind that idea.

Whatever comment(s) I make, I always try to be polite, helpful and specially .... HONEST! It helps me and other people. My wish is that also all artwork can be seen as such. That doesn't always need short-sighted prejudices, unjustified disapprovement, disparaging, laughter .... Whatever negative comes along , artwork or not, it is worth it to try and see through that and spot some positivism in there. It's the way I live, it's the way I create, it's the way I communicate and what I stand for.

Bob Ross learned me many things, positive and negative. I intend to learn from the latter and to embrace the first.

I hope never to be alone!

Voy Kay (aka Voyager9940)

He who can see the world from a true and genuine perspective never needs glasses! (Voyager9940)